March 21, 2011

Spring Storm Snorkeling

Itza Spring now, and whether youza in good sunny rays weather or in tumultuous terrible stuff, youza gotta always be purrpared fur dat unexpected Storm and have yur Storm Snorkel and Snorkeling Mask ready tooza go, just in case youza needs it. Be purrrrpared izza da motto of the meowment.

Itza good idea to figure out yur snorkel before da Storm arrives, so there's no dust bunnies or fur balls inside blocking it and CATZOWEY - I'ma not quite shure if my super dooper Storm Snorkel goes uppa or downza at this meowment!

If the storm izza coming youza gotta clear yur Storm Snorkeling Mask so youza can see clearly and find yur way in the  Spring storm.  Going "ahhhhhhhhzatini" and  blowing yur hot air on da Storm Snorkel Mask clears the fog away. Then youza safe to go Storm Snorkeling and find yur way safely, yep uh huh datsa fur shure!

 In case of Storm Snorkel Emergency, just breath into yur Storm Snorkel and itza magical, taking youza everywhere with ease, even downtown to da Super Dooper Farmers Market when itza raining cats and dogs!

In the end, the storm will end and youza gonna store yur Storm Snorkel and Snorkeling Mask in a safe place, where itza ready fur da next storm. But be shure youza remembers where youza stores it.

Have a nonCATastrophic week and stay safe in da storm!
Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kujy and Kisu said...

Oooh maybe I should wear dat snorkel thingy next time momma gives me a bathie..

Julia Williams said...

Stay dry Guido!! Cuz' there's nothing quite like the sight of a sopping wet kitteh!

Deb said...

Guido... FYI... DO NOT attach snorkel to your catkini 'cause your catkini will come off in the water... trust me :/

Anonymous said...

do it nekid Guido!

Unknown said...

That looks like fun! I think I will try it! :)

Curly said...

I think I would rather snuggle than snorkle. You are a brave cat, Guido!

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