April 4, 2011

Spring Flinging On The Field Of Dreaming

Itza Spring! Daffodils are blooming and I'ma not snoozing cuz Baseball season izza here, and I wanna hear from the purrfeshonal coaches (pssstt.... theyza won The World Series!)  on how Me & Myself can throw some curve balls instead of my EyeTailYun meatzaballs! 

 Warming uppa my pitch and my catch and my every move is the 1st exercise fur yur sports meowscles, cuz The Coach says getting to know the ball izza good idea. This ball and me izza comfy together cuz weeza catchatting.

Itza sneaky move to look yur batter directacatically in the eye when youza bout to pitch dat ball towards him. Might even hypnocatatize him so he falls over before he can hit it! Bamzatini ...  youza runs fast all around da bases, jumping uppa and downza like youza just won the Acatemy Award!

Baseball has 9 innings but my favorito inning of all is the 7th Inning Stretch. 

After abundacat purrractice, youza can end up on a Trading Card or on a dry food kibble box on the super dooper market shelf!

Duzn't matter whooza youza rooting and tooting fur, cuz itza just more meowvalous to have funtasticat fun in the sun and get out to dat Ballpark. OR  purrtend youza there when youza really relaxacatting on yur comfurtable sofa munching Oscar Meyer weiners with ballpark mustard drippity dripping down yur chin! And nobody in the seat next tooza youza, izza saying "Scuzzi, youza got ballpark mustard drizzling down yur chin", cuz  Catzowey youza home alone and smiling with every bite of dat ballpark frank.

Here's to da Season with a reason - hot diggity dogs at the Ballpark!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy is SO happy baseball season has begun! Although she's a Cubs fan...ha ha ha!
We'll have to start practicing cuz we have enough for a team and more!

Mary said...

Have a Great Baseball season Guido!!
I personally think that a meatball curve ball sounds tasty!! Love, Lila Mae

Kujy and Kisu said...

That description makes me wanna hot dog REAL BAD!

Sandy said...

Oh you great big baseball hero you! Don't you looks so special with your baseball cap on and chewing on the ball. Enjoy the season Guido my friend, am catching up on things now that "im feeling better and first thing I had to check on was my Guido's Gazette!! My baseball HERO!!

Unknown said...

Oh you are just so special Guido!! You take such marvolous pictures! Catawozey what a guy you are, now don't get big headed. And you and Yolo are so sweet together, like Shadow and Boo you love each other like brothers should. Love you guys!! Give mom a a big kiss now as she's pretty special too!

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