June 20, 2011

Fun & Fineries At The Wineries

I'ma EyeTailYun kitty who luvs the soil my 4 paws prance on, and feeling the ground is a grounding experience. So nothing better than a pawsatively great visit on a summer Sunday to  ANDRETTI VINEYARDS in da Napa Valley. Youza knows  Signore Mario Andretti - yep uh huh famoso fur racing da Indy speedy cars round and round dat track.  NOWza MEOWza, heeza racing to harvest da grapes!

Itza fur shure, Ruth my speshule VIP "Very Important Paws"  guide made my whiskers wiggle and I kinda giggled after tasting so many meowvalous Andretti wines.

Always get up close and personal with your wine and never whine if it empties fast.  Itza more meowvalous when you get yourself into dat glass breathing the aromas like  when youza having organicat Nip at home.
Like the shrinking economy, even wine glasses used to be giganticat sized when I was a smitten kitten.

Basta pasta, life izza Catzowey with fine wine and fineries at the Winery, and my EyeTailYun furiends were purrring, ooopsatini, I means pouring the bottles in my honor.

Itza true CalEyeFurKneeYah and EyeTailYun hospitality that flows where it grows at Andretti Vineyards, and when Ruth waved arrivederci to Me & Myself,  I swooned, fainted and needed to be revived with my impurrted Sicilian sardine smelling salts. (pssst, they don't carry that in da Giftie Shop so youza gotta bring yur own)

I luvs my EyeTailYun heritage almost as much as I luvs my Pasghetti and Meatzaballs. Hmmmzatini, could it be possible Mario and Me are related? Now thatza something to purrponder and purrhaps heeza gonna make a new vintage vino -  "Guido's Organicat Catbernet". 

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao &Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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