June 13, 2011

The Curated Purrrrrated Memory Guide

Didja ever wonder where you put something that youza trying to find? It shure can bring on a hiss fit when youza cannot remember where youza put dat something. Thatza something fur shure cuz what youza looking for is purrrobably right in front of you or on top of you (where didja put my glasses?!) Congrats - youza got  "I Furgot Where I Put It Syndrome"

Me & Myself can completely fall into an all day catnap or the siesta di giorno and I forgets where I put my glasses all the time! Itza that dreaded "I Furgot Where I Put It Syndrome" in full force!
You can lose all kinds of stuff, yep uh huh itza fur shure. Itza not just the memory we looses with that catOstrophic dreaded  "I Furgot Where I Put It Syndrome". Hey we loses our balance too and basta pasta, datsa purrroblem and a challenge to find just in time.

 But I tells you dat furgetting where your favorito cooking pots is, can cause a more giganticat hiss fit cuz youza needs dat pot or da favorito pan fur making da Pasghetti and Meatzaballs! Now if I can just remember what time I'ma catnapping today, the day will be purrfecto.

So here's wishing you a week full of good memories and a nonCATastrophic week too!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kisu and Kujy said...

My meowmy puts things in such a safe place that she cant even find em when she needs to.. Meow myow what shall we do?

Terri said...

Yes my tabby furriend - I get that syndrome too - I losta my bella blue eyeglasses and it makes me so blue. I can relate. And you so kyoot!

KatBoxJanitor said...

Guido, you are such a handsome dude!

My way of reducing the disappearance of items I really like\need is to put them someplace "dangerous" since when I put things somewhere "safe" it is so darn safe that even I cannot find it!

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