July 24, 2011

Chillaxing & Relaxing In The Heat Wave

Me & Myself are feeling tropicatical. It's a hot Summer all over the Globe and some furiends are feeling like a "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof".   Let's chill with the thrill of laughter cuz laughing is definicatically the bestest stuff on da Planet, and it might bring da body temps down to Sea Level, then weeza all feels cooler.

Doggone it - everybody should have an indoor shwimming pool like Gus, and I always has my Guido Speedo ready for a quick cooling dip!

I mean GO GREEN and itza could cool us all down all over da Globe.

Itza cool to sneak a green but catOstrophic if theyza not tasty.

Public Services Meowsage:  Go Organicat Green, and don't get mean but I mean to tells you to be happy like my brofur Yolo is!  All thanks to CATCHING LIZARDS Handmade Pet Products and theyza got toys fur da feline furs and da doggone great pooches AND sparkling preshus stone jewels too! Be shure youza tells the deeziner, my furiend Mimi Pipino, dat youza FOG "Friend of Guido" and sheeza deezines something Catzowey fur you! Sheeza cool, yep uh huh itza fur shure.

Are you feeling more cool? I wishes you the mostest meowvalous nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


mimi pipino said...

That Gus was tooooo fummy... made our mommy laugh an laugh!!!!!!!!

Thanks for tellin ebbberybuddies bout our mommys web site
www.catchinglizards.com lub u Guido da Pips

Julia Williams said...

Hahaha! That video was hilarious. Mom is all, "no Gus no" but not very convincing, and Gus was so determined to get that pool into the house! I couldn't believe she just kept filming.

meowmeowmans said...

MOL! That video cracked us up!

djm181 said...

I'm a big fan of The Guido Gazette and always look forward to reading your posts. Recently, I started my own cat blog and would like to list a link to your blog as one of my "favorites." Please let me know if you would allow me to do this. You can view my blog at www.guardcats.com.


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