December 12, 2011

Top 6 Holly Dazed Faux Paws

Me & Myself has abundacat news bout what NOT to do during the Holly Daze and weeza calls them Faux Paws. Now thatsa not EyeTailYun word, itza FURench meaning "not acceptable to normal social norms."  And what's The #1 Holly Daze Faux Paw?  Do not dress uppa like Santy Paws cuz everyone gonna Ha Ha and not Ho Ho.

#2 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Dontcha ever try to fill Santy Paws pants!

#3 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Don't relaxacat and mingle and jingle under yur tree! BUT do fone da emergency folks as fasticat as you can if youza sees Rudolph down on da floor cuz that means heeza needs an organicatnip IV to get him back on track fast!

#4 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Youza creating a giganticat four paws Faux Paw if youza walks on the dinner guests dinner plate before they arrives! But hey, theyza never knows cuz youza not gonna let dat cat of the bag! 

#5 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Rearranging yur Cwismus Tree is not a Ho Ho Ho but it is a No No NO! Hey this is no grab bag so leave it as youza sees it.

#6 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Itza more meowvalous to decorate INSIDE da house cuz these Holly Daze balls gonna fall down on da ground when the wind arrives, and go kaboom and youza gonna cry and have dat Holly Dazed stress attack.

Better than the 12 days of Cwismus, youza got " 6 Holly Daze Faux Paws" infurmayshun. You're on da way to mingling and jingling thru da Holly Daze and angling and dangling! Ooopsatini - speaking of dangling, my one and only favorito fotographer Mark Rogers caught me in a meowment of private junglemania and I only does my nachural poses for Mark cuz he duz no Faux Paws and duzn't make me dress up as Santy Paws. Pssst - if youza has friends in San Franfuncisco Bay Area, a purrfecto doggone great gift is a foto session with Mark Rogers  pet photographer extraordinaire!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week with no Faux Paws-yep you can do it!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

We love your Yuletide post and oh, what a handsome naked photo of you...well, not as naked as Disco, but sans clothes anyway!

Julia Williams said...

That was a catzowey post for sure! Heehee @ walkin' on the dinner plates.

RoySr said...

I like the Faux Paws list very much. And the pictures.

Holiday time makes for some fine festivities that can definitely get a good cat in bad troubles. Gotta keep with the list for sure.

Daisy said...

Yes, I also think it is okay to walk on the dinner plates as long as the guests do not you done it.

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