December 12, 2014

Ho Ho Ho and Fa La La - Tis The Season For Lots Of Ha Ha Ha

 Me & MYself found my Cwismus Stocking and I'm in Holly Dazed mode. Yep Uh HUH
and weeza getting into dat Ho Ho Ha Ha mode too

Catzowey - This photo gonna makes you go ha ha a lot. Pssst didja notice I'ma looking 
smack dab at dat camera lens cuz I am on my goods behavior when my Momma Baci and her 
red-headed self is doing dat misbehaving! 

Bamzatini! After dat photo shoot I ends up sleeping with Signora Claus for no cause other than 
sheeza comfurtable for a catnap and she purrs quietly too!

 Itza tisket and dat tasket, Signore Santy puts me in his North Pole basket! YAY I'ma gonna be twavelling to the North Pole I thinks. Yep Uh Huh itza for sure.

Uh OH! Lil sisfur Grappa getting into dat Holly by Golly she's Jolly  mode and sneaking into Santy's Panties! YIKES!

So I do wish you a nonCATastrophic week - yep uh huh it's for sure.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Lone Star Cats said...

Ya sure do look Christmassy!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all Guido and a very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Safe New Year. Hugs and love from Sid and the kids

Brian said...

Those are all great photos Guido! Merry Christmas to you from all of us!

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