August 22, 2015

It Takes 2 To Tango and 2 To UN-Tangle Too

Catzowey! Me & Myself got my lil sisfur Grappa purrrpondering
what's causing the morning commute traffic jam in her tunnel. 

My mancat self made up for dat commute purrroblem and took Grappa 
to a meowvalous San Franfuncisco Giants game. 
NOTE: Grappa izza always wearing the Team colors. Yep uh huh!

Bamzatini! Something izza rumbling and tumbling

Gotta be a San Franfuncisco quake cuz we 
meowsters would never ever topple or tangle with 
our planters! Nope, not in a mille meowster chance 
and no way. But no quake news on our TeeVee!   Uh OH!

 Cat chatting to say TIMBERRRRRR again.. something is 
gonna topple.

WHO's in charge of this toppling event?

Yup cat eyes were right on target! Holy Cannoli my 
Meowtini Glass fell for sure - and now you sees Me and
MYself likes my Meowtini on the rocks!

 Get your meowvalous self ready for the lil Sisfur Grappa's 
big TURNING TWO event on September 1st - yup uh huh

But befur dat meowvalous days comes our way, I wanna wish you a 
nonCATastrophic week cuz I just cares so so so much bout your 
meowvalous self

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty



Lone Star Cats said...

Good luck blamin an earthquake, MOL!

Guido the Italian Kitty-Big Angel Now said...

Well Danzatini Lone Star Cats! Wheeze trying to blame dat earthquake! Hee hee HEE!

pilch92 said...

Are you in Cat Scouts? Your flats can come visit us like they went to the game :)

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