October 24, 2017

A MEOWVALOUS Cat-tastic Halloween For Me

Halloween is almost here and Me & Myself thinks 
we should find my purrrrfecto costume. So here
we go with YOUR help! I kinda likes being
a Ha-ha Hawaiian Tourista!

PURRRhaps I should Trick N' Tweet as a 
Lil devil - I can be a super dooper Lil devil
for sure cuz I'm a sweet EyeTailYun Man Cat
with a lil devilish side.

Let me bite your Sardines! Well isn't that
what Dracucatula said?

Did someone say Johnny Depp is out and I'm IN?
PurrrEyeRats of The Caribbean here I come!

YUP I'm thinking about Trick n' Tweeting as
a World Series Ball Playing pitcher and not gonna let
go of my pitching ball but hoping I get treats in
my ball bag.Whatcha think?

Hmmzatiini I might like to put on my colorful hat and go as a
whatcha think .. it does match my eyes right?

Catzowey! I'm clowning around in town!

Yee Haw !  I'm an Aussie Jackaroo dude rounding
up the Kangaroo Hoo Hoo's!!
Feeling kinda Giddyyupish!  Your vote?

Wishing wonderful meowvalous you the mostest
make it nonCATastrophic!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Meowmanor said...

Oh sweet GUIDO...you look simply MAHHHHHH-VELOUS in ALL ob your HALLOWEEEENY outfit choices...but I seem to realy like you in da PurrrEyeRat one!!!! Any choice you make will be purrrrrfect and you Will indeed lookie like da Handsome Cat Man you ARE!!!! <3 Muchly lubbz, Auntie Carol!!!!

Three Chatty Cats said...

Oh my, you are so adorable in all your Halloween outfits!

KatBoxJanitor said...

Nearly impossible to choose!

pilch92 said...

You are the best model.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Hilarious! I vote for the Devil or the Aussie Jackaroo dude (actually the Jackaroo dude is my fave!)

Anonymous said...

My hamdsome friend,so many beautiful costumes,so difficult to choose!
You look fabulous in every one of them...doesn't matter what you'll choose,you will be the most handsome kitty ever!
Have a wonderful Halloween!
Your italian and Canadian kitty friends,Giotto,Cleo,Grisù,Jeeg,Samson..special love to your human mom and sis!
WE love ya all!

Stewart Pitt said...

Greetings dear Guido from your sister city of Sydney Australia. Our King and ruler Gordon Aitchison Pitt sends his Meows and head bonks for your Halloween celebration. x

Anonymous said...

Step up to the Halloween Candy Bowl in a Big League San Fran Giants Uniform. The Cats in the dugout will make you the Designated Hitter for sure. Your baseball fans in New Jersey are rootin' for you.

Anonymous said...

Guido, I vote for the one suggested by Dracatula! You look great in capes! Happy Halloween!

Joe LaBute said...

Guido, I love you. You're the bestest!!!

Witch Of Ghosts said...

Hi thanks for sharing this

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