September 10, 2007

Do Re MEowster Adores Awe Purr Ahh

The inimitable Luciano Pavarotti delivered meowvalous PURRformances and in honor of his departing this world, I PAWsed from my catzowey schedule to revel in a larger-than-life sun ray to experience a moment of silence (that doesn't happen often in my house!) paying tribute to my fantasticat fellow Italian.

Opera season has launched, so I've got my black and white tux dusted off, de-fuzzed and ready to go. This year I'm wearing the collarless look - hey guys, don't you Tom cats remember the Nehru jacket? My smitten kitten designer dude-self is feeling frisky this Opera season, and my paws are ready for a season of awesome arias - PURRhaps Madama Butterfly would be appropricat for me with my adoration for things that flutter and fly.

Wishing you and your paws a nonCATastrophic week filled with sun rays and maybe a catnap too!
Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Decisions Decisons. I have found the MEOWsterCard
and ordered opera tix for The Little Prince and
Madama Butterfly...but oh.....MACBETH??
PLEASE MOM??? Baci says it is okay!

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