September 30, 2007

Cat Walks Thru Fashion Week

Fur is in this year -designers are all showing FUR in their Fall Collections

Fashion week in New York produces meowvalous catour and my whiskers flicker over my fellow Italian designer, Salvatore Feral-cat-gamo - oh Puuuurrrrr, his threads are sleek & hug any bod. Definicately feline form fitting and tom cat terrific - and snug fit makes me feel like a 'roll over Beethoven rockstar'.

And my next favorite feline fiber, being the politicatically correct meowster I am, I opted for the krinkly linen look - just imagine something I'd been catnapping on all day long. I'm the enviro-kitty and love PURRfectly 100% organicatically natural fibers. This terrific tissue suit can later be shredded for play - now that is what I call remarkable recycling!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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