September 23, 2007

A Very Vehement Vegetable

Arriverderci Summer, translates to my meowster self no longer slumbering in abundacat summer sun-rays. But behold - meowvalous miracles are on the horizon for this Fall season, and I'm not talking reality TV, like Prancing With The Stars or DesPURRat Housewives!

Consider this convivial cat chat announcing the arrival of the chokes! Catzowey it's artichoke season - and beyond any cat's 9 lives, the spindly critters (which come from CATStroville California) could become a natural & politicatically correct weapon for our nation if targeted proPURRly. They roll and you could probably bowl a PURRfect strike with one. Oh yeah, ya might have a catastrophic moment in peeling the spiney leaves, definicatly - so be sure tp protect your delicat paws while trying to grab and not be stabbed. Chokes are everywhere now -not just in the market. See for yourself this out of control veggie du giorno nearly flattened me, your favorito Italian Kitty. My whiskers winced, I was silenced and it jolted me and my Italian 'tude' from a day-long catnap! Hummm, humbled by a run-a-way artichoke?
Eoww and Meow! I don't recommend pouncing on a run-a-way artichoke that's in roll and bowl mode!

What else to do but join the Choke Patrol.My kitty crystal ball says "This mighty meowster will issue citations to any meowlicious out-of-control artichokes who disturb my pawsatively purrfect catnaps".

Ciao & Meow and don't let your artichokes take control of you!
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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