October 21, 2007

A City Kitty Cat Safari

It's meowvalous, it's PURRfect and it's where my paws ventured to this weekend: yes out of my cat condo digs and over to Pet Camp Cat Safari which is quite the PURRfect ahhhminous experience for my big tiger cat eyes to behold! Meowsters unite - let's give this great new addition to our City a 4-Paws Up as its stellar-cat-service was unthinkable for this mighty meowster who was greeted and meeted to the max.

CATch me here with the omniscient Owner Virginia, (she cat chats well). Definitely our "let's get cat-acquainted" interview was an enduring and purring experience. Thought I was proPURRly checked IN but I was probably checked OUT simultanakitteously as the attendants seem to think I'm a dapper kind of guy, but hey I'm an Italian kitty - sleek suave stripes get ya an upgrade!

Check in was feline-non-finicky (a breeze) and I was off to the Safari room - an incredukitty experience with enthusiasticat live green jungle plants, and crickets piped in everywhere to wiggle my whiskers, high wire bamboo walking (I excelled), tree climbing for my tootsies that have only pounced on condo carpeting, and ah ha... birds birds and more birds chirping from every wild direction - well need I tell you I had a Tom Cat Time and I think I became a cat!

Once out of the jungle safari garden, I went fishing. They don't offer Hook & Release but it's all envirocatically correct and Pet Camp Cat Safari is all Green - not as in kitty grass but as in politicatically correct. It's a kindred catzowey experience! Get all 4 of your paws on over for a kitty safari at Pet Camp Cat Safari (3233 Sacramento Street in The City By The Bay) ...where else would this be?? It's the PURRfect play date place and you might get your whiskers wiggled.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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