October 28, 2007

Lion-Sized Lens Captures Celebucat

Lights, camera, action and paws up! That's what echoed in my smitten kitten ears this week during my first feline modeling assignment - a catzowey professional shoot. Chill your whiskers folks, this mighty meowster was photographed by the creme de la creme (and I'm not talking fat free or low fat but the real stuff!) of animal photographers - the infamous (and feline friendly) Mark Rogers who can capture the flicker of a whisker at a pawsatively purrfect moment, even from an Italian Kitty.

Mark and I had buddy bonding on the set and he now knows which is my best side, but is it purrposterous to think his camera lens is longer than the mighty meowster?

Four Paws Up and proof that the guy has a creatacative eye - of course I have 2 big ones that may land me in a coffee table book: PURRportedly a purrfectly wonderful collection of how cats live luxuriously (is there any other way?). So stay tuned to see if my feline portfolio makes the Publisher purr and takes you to a Borders book shelf to buy buy buy.

Catch abundacat pics on Mark's website and more pics of me and his candid canine shots too.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

PS - Do you know someone who wants to start their day The Guido Way?
Tell me at guidogazette@gmail.com

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