June 10, 2008

Euro Euro On The Wall - Who's The Kitty Deserving of All?

Well, well and more wells ... we Americats would love to dash and deliver our adoracat selves to far away vacations ... absolutacatly! But my crystal catnip-ball genie has read my paws (yep, all 4 of them) and my Financicat Advisor has advised me to forget tailing it overseas and to also forget again, the fine feline driving vacations that may be on my mighty meowster mind. Why??

Because it's a summer of 'no paws will travel and let's unravel at home'. Hiss fit and catzowey too: it would cost me mountains of Friskies to fill my kitty car tank or hey, let's discuss my pawsative thoughts about flying these days - they want me to pay to check my litter box???

So say hey folks, how about staying home and chilling out in your own suPURRfect sun rays? Yep, it's a catzowey idea and here's me and my paws in a new venue. You can do this too! Just aim for a good sun ray, grab a green catnip tea or a meowvalous milk drink and you've got Vacat-a-home - the latest and greatest way to chill out when you're just achin' for a vacation and your budget isn't Sushi grade any more but more like canned Seafood Supper Supreme.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

1 comment:

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