November 2, 2008

PURRuse Your PURRopositions Before Your Vote!

Oh my gosh! My smitten kitten self will vote with 4 paws on November 4th and YOU need to vote too!

It's a humungous event to PURRuse and cruise the voter ballot cuz exactacatically it's almost 35 kitty litter boxes in length thus, undoubtacatically and PURRobably if shredded, the ballot would fill your litter box AND mine too! Look, I'm stretched to the max trying to review all the issues of the day so I can have a say.... and it's made me an exhaustakitty.

Wake up Americats! No way are you catnapping till your paws vote. Remember you can be an Independakitty, Republicat or Democat and I'll have an Italian hiss fit if you don't dutifully and beautifully vote! Bummer for us meowsters this year though - Mickey Mouse isn't sponsoring any PURRopositions. Everyone else is - so why not the big cheese?He could endorse organicat creme cheese for all !

Speaking of organicat reminds me to remind you that I'm an Envirocat and your paper ballot needs to be disposed of proPURRly so consider the following: shred it for garden mulch (makes a nice mouse house), wrap up a farm raised fish from your market, roll it up and smoke it (isn't the Summer of Love coming around?) or keep reading it until next election!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

We didn't need a reeminder, Guido! Yoo'll be happy to know that we voted absentee and dropped owr ballut off alreddy!

Toulouse said...

Mom's getting ready now to go vote. She's hoping there isn't a long line like in many places. Our little town of Blairsville isn't like a big city so she's pretty confident she'll get in and out quickly! Hope everyone has a great day!

Anonymous said...

Judi Judi Judi. I can't get you on TV.Rats! oops Cats!..I will text message you unless you are already on a plane to Paris...Love you and hope the news is the best you could have. Your 1968 rooooooomeeeee..

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