December 14, 2008

Imported Hugs and DeliCAT Chocolates

My atheleticat self attended a "Say See Bone" swanky San Francisco soiree benefit for Northern Calif Special Olympics last week, and definiCATically it was the Cat's Meow being at RICHART Paris the oo la la of rich yummy delictiCATible chocolates.Oh non moi - the Italian Kitty does not indulge in chocolate as we all know our 4 paws are not allowed to consume this meowvalous conchoction but my adorakitty self is amewsed with boxes of rich imported hugs, so I mugged with the most beeYOUteeful meowvalous Madame Elisabeth who is the Manager of the whole big RICHART Paris in the whole big USA. Lemme tell ya, the french hug the best and she made my whiskers wiggle so I let her beeYOUteeful self carry me around all night at the fantasticat french chocolate boutique!

Fa Feline La and La De Dah! Meow and now it's time to deck the halls with balls and jolly stuff but what to choose? PURRpondering to master pawsatively great decor before my 9 lives passed, my four paws voted UP to conult Pierre de la Pen Gwin, my nonCATastrophic (and not dazed or phased) Holly Daze designer who PURRvided helpful hints on how to pick up the balls without bruising my suave Italian head- hey someone has to toss these meowster sized bowling balls on the tree limbs!

Is there an Olympic sport for Holly Daze Ball Tossing?!

Catzowey I think I've got it! Now if I can just find my Cwismus tree!

Make it a
nonCATastrophic week
and don't leave your Holly Daze PURRojects hanging - finish them!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty


Christopher said...

Hey, my mommy would love some of that chocolate stuff you went to see!
I hear you had some cool Christmas ornaments to play with. Mom brought in what she says is a Christmas Tree but it feels like just an ol box to me and I been making claws and stickers on it.

I don't think trees grow in boxes, do they?

Keep up the good work, and have a Cat-tacular Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Caro amico mio!! Ah,sure you are living the good life! Getting to see that chocolate place,being held by a beautiful are a cool dude,carissimo Guido!!
Then some exercices with la vita loca!!

Guido the Great is DA BOMB!!!
XOXO your milanese friend Giottone

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