January 25, 2009

The Zest To Rest On A Bed D'Best

In dis diversa-cat world composed of abundacat types of fantasticatical folks - oh shure we're  all a widdle smitten kitten different -  there's someting we all have in common - yep uh huh, a bed! You've got a bed, I've got a bunch of beds, everyone has a bed whether you've 2 legs or 4.  Ya gotta have a bed to rest your head during that slumbering catnap. 

So me and my mighty meowster paws have been out testing diversakitty salooshuns to find the PURRfect bed.

Immediacatically, I gave  GUIDO's 4 Paws DOWN to the TemPURRpedic (my MasterCat Card can't afford it in this purr - oops I mean poor - economicat climate that's got us all in da litter box,  and besides da TemPURRpedicat masheen well it's giganticat & moves in the night when you moves - scareeeee!) and Serta was sorta not comfy. My eyeTAILyun buffed bod jumped on di BeautyRest in di  showroom - not so beeYOUtiful but how cool to think I could improve my beauty while resting!  So you're curious as a cat as to what rocks my 4 white socks and gives me a PURRfect  uninterrupted snooze???

Kudos to Morgan fur creating this customized creeayshun  (AND it's affurdable too and Morgan ships anywhere in da World where you sleep). The Morgan Bed absoluticatically will purrvide you a complete night's rest - and a complete day's rest - AND a complete afternoon's rest too - it doesn't get any betta danna datta (dats eyeTAILyun).  Basicatically speaking, this bed werkz and is  gonna offer you rest galore - like rest-o-maticat-  imagine a catzillion hours of rest!  Hey isn't dat what a bed is fur? Me and myself tested so many beds,  that myself passed out in the closest Morgan Bed I could drop my eyeTAILyun  self and tail into! OH furgot to say the MORGAN BED is not just fur felines - it's fur Da Dogs too! Furiendly diverse beds hand made by Morgan in abundacat sizes.

Catzowey! I got so relaxacatted in my Morgan Bed that I had to roll out onta da fantasticatical hard, like reeeeeeally hard fulloor, in order to not doze away the day cuz it would not be molto bene if the day got away from me and my four feline paws. Ya know, us and ourselves are not supposed to miss a meowment of the day they say cuz life is Catzowey!

Sweet Dreams!!
Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Blue skies from now on said...

Ooo you're bad. You're inspiring me to go for a lie down. Mama has been stealing our Hazel Lucy blankets. She can fit on them by laying them flat end to end and then she turns over on her side. I wonder if your meowmy-mia can fit into those Morgan Beds??

Anonymous said...

Caro amico mio!
That Morgan bed seems soooo comfy,i am fallimg asleep just looking at it!! Do you know if they deliver to the Brodge too??

I know mom wants to chek it out for the Fatso (my brother Grisu'),with his gigantic behind and Buddha belly he fits ONLY dog beds!

ciao bello!! YOUR GIOTTO

Curly said...

Guido, my furiend, your observations on the Morgan's Bed are right on! Morgan's sisfur Apache is my brofur Stanley's gurlfuriend, and she sent Stanley a Morgan's Bed as a token of her affection! The furst time I took a nap in Stanley's new Morgan's bed, Stanley jumped in as soon as I got out and peed in it! He is SO crude! But his attempts to mark his bed were in vain, as our hooman put it in the laundry. (Morgan's Beds launder very nicely!) I still CATch 40 winks in Stanley's Morgan's Bed efurry chance I can, and Stanley has given up on "marking" his bed.
If you click on this link, you will see a thumbnail photo of Stanley in his bed that you can click on to make it larger:


And if you click on THIS link, you can see ME in Stanley's bed, doing my aerobic expurrcises!:


Morgan the Pirate Gato said...

You are becoming furry special Models for the Morgan's Beds.

Check out the Big Doggy Bed Model in this:


His name is Champ - isn't he just cute? Even for a doggy?

Purrs - Morgan

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