February 8, 2009

A Frugal Feline Valentine

Haven't received my PURRtion of the Economic Stimucatulous package, so I'm slimming down and cutting back the spending on my Valentine's purresents this year. Incidenticatically, I'm am giving Happy Hearts Day fashionable RED gifts and here's my choice for the Frugal Feline Valentine gift of '09 ...... EyeTailYun red peppers!

Figurin' out the PURRfect gift giving pepper is challenging cuz ya gotta check it out all over so the recipient is a contentacat when they get yur nice gift. Befur you do the checking out, ya gotta pick it up to feel the weight - nothing worst than a lightweight frugal feline valentine gift! This could lead to your getting ditched by yur Valentine and you'd be diving into the chocolates to console yurself!

Arrgh, that's a nasty not tasty green stem! Now my smitten kitten self is rethinking my Happy Hearts Day gift giving. Purhaps I shud furget my net meowster worth has gone to the litter box level, like gone with the wind, and maybe I shud furget being feline frugally affurdable this year. I really wanna spend more (just doing my part as a stimulating smitten kitten). My whiskers are wiggling thinking of tastin' da sweet chocolates from FURance, like the delecticatable treats at Richart Paris the beeYOUtiful choc boutique, well that puts my purr motor in motion and is Catzowey stimulating fur all.

My eyeTAILyun self is purrplexed and pondering over Red peppers OR Chocolates... Ah ha, they are alike: both have abundacat antioxidants and both help our one and only red heart, so the beat go on and that's impurrtant!

Happy Valentines Day and frugal or not - make it a fantasticat day!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Toulouse said...

Oh Guido my friend! You must be exhausted after all you went through trying to find the perfect valentine gift! By the way, who is your special Valentine?*scratches his head!*

Your Faithful Pal,

Anonymous said...

Hi derr Guido!!
I simply lubbbbbbbbz red peppers. Dey soooooooo sweet! Yoo reely puttz sum t'ought in tah yer gifts!

Oliver an' Dewey

Anonymous said...

We celebrate that in Italy too..well,we don't give peppers to our loved ones (unless is the Fatso boy aka Grisu',that furry garbage can eats everything!),but in this times of crisis,isn't a bad idea at all!
ciao bello!!
Giottone the angel

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