March 8, 2009

There's A Jolly Green Giant In Your House

Burrrrrocoli  purrocoli, undoubtacatically it's the giganticat greenest  flowery stuff youza will ever see  (and you thought catnip held this honor!).

Dontcha know thata broccoli is da poor unpopular plant many don't adore but it should be  on everyone's favorite 'guess who's coming to dinner' list, filling your plates and fueling your BeeYOUtiFul self, as Broccoli is the  vitamina vegie du giorno ( yep, uh huh, now that's eyeTAILyun). Buying the right Broccoli is an art and ear full (maybe an eye full too), so when yur shopping fur  this jolly green giant, ya wanna really inspect it closely.

Now what'sa da fussa  bouta  we're doing Daylight Savings? I thought we're supposed to save ALL the time -  day AND night, not only in the daylight hours- and  that's excacticatically what my smitten kitten self is purrpondering.  Catzowey and a basta pasta! Hope I don't use up 3 of my 9 lives befur I figure out why I'm only saving in the daylight.   

My mighty meowster self doesn't think any interest is paid fur my daylight savings - so what's the big deal? I thinka it mighta be catastrophic to figure out is whata I really thinka. I see a hiss fit arriving! 

So I'm going off Daylight Savings and back to vibrant veggies -  let's talk Tomatoes -ah bella belisimo for those ruby red fantasticat fruits of da land. Me and myself loves to buy and bat them around da house (very good for hockey on the kitchen floor). You and yurself  won't find me buying impurrted tomatoes, only local organicat fur me  (have you noticed my 2 favorite veggies are the color of the eyeTAILyun flag?)

My secret to finding the right Tomato: get PURRpendicular to it and feel the ripeness of da fruit.


Do you hear what I hear? This  fine tomato is telling me it's ripe. Yep, uh huh, ya wanna be furiends with the fruits of da land fur shure.

Make it a fantasticat fruitful week! And be sure you sneak in a nice catnap too!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Blue skies from now on said...

Patsy sez Yukon Gold potatoes make very good toys to bat around too:light and very slippery!
Thanks for the veggies tips friend!

Curly said...

Cauliflower is also fun to bat around, although not much fun to munch on. (Ptooey!)

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