April 5, 2009

Catzowey! I'm Daffy DILLearious

Whoever said "Smell da Roses" has never dived into a  buttery Daffydill and me and my paws are feline flying off da grrrrrround,  cuz I love da flowers of sPURRing - da vibrakitty mellow yellow color makesa my motor hum - no tuneup needed fur me cuz my motor has a catzillion miles warranty!

   Flowers are miraculously beeYOUteeFull and they'sa  PURResent  fromza Momma  Mia Naturale (she's absoluticatically meowvalous!) But ya  gotta  remember to inspectacat yur petals - like check em' out close to beeza shure da flowers are all in tact - that's a tacticatical move and I shure suggesta youza do that. Me and myself luvs da Daffydills almost as much as my imPURRted catnip! 

Amazacatically,  daffodils are fantasticatically popping up sky high over my cat's eye and even behind my ears. Me and myself thinks my daffodils are growing faster than my catnip plants (hey ya know the nip's ImPURRted from EyeTailYa on the big jet so it should be suPURRbo)

Flower power time - but hey, yep uh huh, youza knowza my Enviro=furiendly litter box is is in San Franfuncisco where da "Flower Power Summer of Love" happened more than 9 lives ago. Basta pasta! My smitten kitten self heard a non discouraging word that happy humans were wearin' da flower in derza hair, dayohhhhh -  all day and all of da night (dis is no Banana Boat song but yep  Bananas is the same beeYOUtiful color as Daffydils).   I'ma ready fur da next Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall of Flowers in San Franfuncisco.  Daffydills are popping up everywhere !!
I'm exhausticatted already cuz I found this egg with no momma chicken to sit on it, so I stopped my whiskers from wiggling too much and me and myself are gonna hunker down to keep da little egg warm  and meowvalously safe  till Easter Sunday. Me and myself thinksa it'sa the propurr hospitality ting, warm and welcoming. Can't wait to meet this chick!

I gotta whole buncha Eggstaticat things to wish youza and yourza this week so "Happy Meowvalous Everything" and be shure youza and yurza takes abundacatnaps cuz it's a bizzi week fur shure.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

Thanks fur gitting my day started the Guido Way, Guido! Have a grate week!

Chronic the Master Cat said...

You look mighty feline in those daffy yellow dafidile all around your head. Happpy heating on that little egg of yours. Me, Chronic the Master cat is off to a beautific dozing in the sea of color in my owners garden. Thanks for the grate pics and getting my day off to a caterific start!

Toulouse said...

Happy Monday Guido! You look so ducky with those pretty daffodils on your head! Anything would look great on you! Well take good care of that egg and be sure to tell us what becomes of it!

Wishing you and your family a very Furry and Happy Easter!!!

Hugs and Purrs,

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