April 13, 2009

ORANGEcha Full Today?

Believe me and myself  when I tellsya I saw the big bunny on Easter eve  - yep uh huh he was here and he left carrots everywhere arounda my villa and now my smitten kitten  big-eyed self is seeing orange everywhere - I mean the guy with the big thumping feets and and non feline flopping ears  arrived pulling a little red wagon that was loaded with furesh CalEyeFurKneeYa organicat carrots! If youza aska me (you did aska me, right?) I thinksa  the Bunny is color blind cuzza his wagon color clashed with da orange carrots!

Basta pasta! My buffed EyeTailYun self is gonna kicka back and be a relaxacat today because me and myself are so full from all the Easter celeburration meals. If a Pesto Pizza shows up at my door today, I'm not letting it in!  I'm content-a-cat having da crates of carrots to eatsa healthy.So it's whisker licking good veggies for my vegie cat self this week.  I might purr over a pot of carrot zuppa with furesh catnip spurrinkled on da zuppa. Ah ha, you and me both know I coulda take my paws to th Gym to take da aerobicat classes but me and myself thinksa it's more easy to eat healthy this week versus the strenuous Gym workout. Dontcha agree with me and myself?

Now  I wish fur you to  have a fantasticat nonCATostrophic week and don't make it too taxing on Apurril 15th!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Toulouse said...

Hi Guido,

Wow, that's a lot of carrots you've been looking at! I've been thinkin...bunnies eat carrots so why does the Easter Bunny bring us lots of candy? Carrots are much better for our eyes don't you think?

Hugs and Purrs,

Curly said...

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy feed carrots over the fence to the two donkeys next door. Those donkeys are so cotton-pickin' noisy...and they LOVE carrots! They start hee-hawing when they see Mommy or Daddy move toward the fence with one of those orange thingies. I don't know why my pawrents want to encourage them.

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