May 31, 2009

Economics of AFURdable Relaxing

My EyeTailYun eyes see da times are Tom cat ruff and tuff while litter levels are dropping, tuna tartare is doin a disappearing act offa da shelves, there'sa no shurimp Rice A Roni on myza stove top, da fog is keeping da sun rays away, CalEyeFurKneeYah is having hiss fits and General Motors isn't purring - hmmm, my 3 years old motor generally purrrrrrs terrificaticaly.

Catzowey - I've gotta da upbeat and big treat news and mews fur youza .... yep uh huh, itza da Guido 4 Paws UP exclusacat ways to be a relaxacat! All da perks in da comfurt of yur home. Getta ready to relaxacat!

Tiparoni 1:
ReFUR to da foto of me and myself on my jungle cat gym. Yep uh huh, thatsa Tiparoni number 1 and as youza see, the secret izza all abouta captivating da Balance - withouta da good balance youza might feel like a hypochondriaticat ... a little offa da balance. Thatsa reason to have da big hiss fit -and definicatically thatsa NOT relaxing!

Tiparoni 2:
Kick back! But IF youza not wearing da sun screen loshun and potion fur relaxacting, denna youza must catnap under a chair so da "Oh Know Itsa Da Oh Zone!" rays donta attack youza and yurza skin - then yurza delicatable whiskers won't wiggle.

Whenza youza puts UP yur feet, Catzowey youza really is relaxing, and yep uh huh, be shure to relax on yurza back when ya can - takes da stress off yurza full and well fed tummy.

Tiparoni 3:

Fantasticat flexibility is a giganticat part of da relaxing - really molto bene meowvalously- like believe me and myself when I sez da total relaxAYshun makes you a relaxacat. In dis foto I am a total relaxacat!

Tiparoni 4:
Donta beeza basket case and get a kink in da neck so be shure youza catnaps and relaxacats ina good posishun. Not resting correcticatically can cause a hiss fit when youza wakes up from relaxing.

Wishing youza anda yurza a nonCATastrophic week, and hoping there's some relaxacat time inna yurza hecticat schedule!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

Have a grate week, Guido!

Toulouse said...

Those are great tips Guido to relax!! I need to practice those too cause mom is always telling me to chill it!! *giggles*

Happy Tuesday dear friend,

Honey P. Sunshine said...

u r so cute

Anonymous said...

Priceless tips, Italian one!
Confucius Cat aka Alley Mason

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