August 16, 2009

CATcher On The Mound or Rebound!

Baseballs are flying by, popping high and players are sliding into FURst base and if youza don't knowza about the baseball terms well, all I can say izza, well... youza might be EyeTailYun like me and myself.

BUT I luvs da Baseball , yep uh huh me and myself izza da fanstasticat fans of da baseball and I wears my SF Giants dee-ziner baseball cap all of da time!

I heard they gotza GOOSE CHASES at da SF Giants ball park - hmm my EyeTailYun fowl loving whiskers izza wiggling over da opPURRtunicat to be bird watching, so me and my paws went down to da ball park to watch da Goose Chases but all I saw was a player running tween da bases and a pitcher tosses da ball to and fro, and thenza fro and to, and all befur the 7th inning Strrrrrretch. Hmmm, not my idea of a good Goose Chase!

MEOWza WOWza ! The Baseball dudes got Feline FURiendly jargon called "CATcher's InterFURance" and "Caught Cat Napping" (thizza is 100 PURRcent true!) and even a "Catbird Seat". If youza really curious as a cat to find out if this izza true, youza can be a cool cat and check it out here at Da Baseball Dicshunary .

Itza fantasticat time fur my Team, da fabulosocat San Franfuncisco Giants and I'm exhausticatted watching my boyz race all around da giganticat bases - whirling around faster than da humming birds zing around da trees in my own backyard. GUESS what?? Me and myself, yep uh huh , we passed out, yep uh huh, we passed out feline flatly but in a safe place near home plate and my ball was safe!

Wishing Youza and Yurza a non CATastrophic week and hoping youza gets a few home runs too!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Hi Guido - we are glad to see you are a Giants fan. I'll be sure to tell our other mom that you are a fan - she works for Catholic Healthcare West and takes X-rays for the team. So obviously, she has to be a fan!!

Have a great week.

Toni, Rusty, Eleanore and Neko

(and sandy, their mom)

Halloween said...

Hi Guido! Paws and purrs to you from Bernal Heights! You are one gorgeous kitty. I like all of your animal friends. But I especially like your Giants cap. My people love the Giants! Nice to meet you.

Halloween and her People

Vicki said...

Guido we get some baseball here in Australia. I don't get it. Could you please explain the rules. I much prefer cricket.

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