August 10, 2009

Lucky Me! I'ma Lazy and Loving It

Me and my smitten kitten self hazza been on the Meowy-Go-Round fur a lotta days and molto many years! Can I tell ya something just frum meeza to youza - but I don't wanna sound catty - both me and myself izza exhausticatted!

I didn't PURRponder this happening - just smack dab in da middle of purrducing this issue of The Guido Gazette, I decided to take a StayKashun (my Catitude went into full speed & all 4 paws stopped)

Yep uh huh, I'm mewting the My-Phone, de-fuzzing my Catirondeck lounge chair and catoflauging myself so nobody recognizes me or myself to ask for a furiendly Pawsograph. Gonna order a week's delivery of my favorito Meowgarita Catnip Pizza from EyeTailYa, and me and myself is going to kick back and be a relaxacat on an overdue StayKashun fur a whole week.
Purracticing being on StayKashun, doing nothing but hugging my catnip SeeGar - I thinks I'ma gonna be purring soon. Yep uh huh, this is molto meowvalous!

Arreverderci Amici (that's EyeTailYun for ciao pal) and I wishes you a kicked back and fantasticat week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Curly said...

Have a good StayKashun, Guido! Given the exciting life you lead, I'm sure you will enjoy just kicking back and chillin' for a week.

ejckittylove said...

Dear Guido,

We are going to follow your lead, Guido!! We need a "StayKashun", too!! You are so very handsome, and pose so nicely for all of your pix, an excellent example of how all we kitties here need to "laze about" for a Fantasticat week!!

Enjoy!! Purrs from the 5 of us here just a bit South of you...the "Crazy California Kitties!!" >^-.-^<

Skeezix the Cat said...

I LIKE staycations!

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