August 2, 2009

Feeling Foggy

You hear the word Fog and rapicatically you thinks I'ma catchatting bout da famous San Franfuncisco weather - the stuff in the sky that gives my fur da frizzies and hides the sun rays keeping me from having catnaps in da sun, right? Well me and myself is not reFURing to da off-shore fog. I'm telling ya about the greatest fantasticat kind of FOG, which means youza elevated to a mighty meowster "duzn't get any better than this" speshule elevayshun cuz a FOG izza "Friend of Guido". Me and myself is furtunate to have a catzillion FOG's in my life, yep uh huh itza truly true, and my FOG's are deeVersified fur shure. The FOG's come in every imaginable style of furiend that you can imagine....

I gottsa terificatically tall furiends and seemingly short furiends and some are ecstaticatically in shape (liked my buffed EyeTailYun self) and others have not-so-little tubby tummies. You can see fur yurself, this FOG needs to be doing more aerobicat exercises and cut down on da carbs cuzza I can bearly put my paws around him fur a FOG hug.

Some of da furiends, well they likes to hug and be close to my EyeTailYun self and you knowza I luvs it, cuzza we EyeTailYuns got a giganticat reputayshun as loving life and hugging is included in that!

NEWS & MEWS flash: July 28th to be exacticatical, I waz awarded a big award from da furiends at Catster - itza my favorite place to hang out with my 190,000 feline furiends (lotsa FOG's), when I'ma not taking abundacatnaps.
Here's me - the Catster "Cat Of The Week" - holy catnip when I got this news, I fainted! Yep uh huh me and myself both fainted! Someone brought me my favorite organicat Sardine Smelling Salts that revived me in a meowment, so I could enjoy da 7 days of being the Catster "Cat Of The Week". I'm on da cover page of Catster until Tuesday 8/4 (cuzza 1 week goes by quickly when da FOG's get together) - go and see fur yurself! Mille meowster grazie to my furiends at Catster - this is more meowvalous then walking da red carpet with Meryl Meowstreep at da Oscars! I got so much feline fan mail that I've missed all my catnaps so at noon on Tuesday I'm gonna check into da InterCatinental Hotel, shut da puter off and snooze, and snooze and keep snoozing. So befur I snooze off, I wanna wish youza a fantasticat and nonCATastrophic week! And my whiskers are wiggling knowing youza is a FOG!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Oliver an' Dewey said...

We glad dat dis bin wun fun an' injoyeble week fer yu!!! Hopes ye gettz alottoa res' an' relaxayshun. (An' we laff wen we reeded dat yer fur getty fwizzy in da SF fog.... MINE DUZ TOO IN DA WISCONSUN HOOMIDITY!!!!)

Curly said...

Guido, I am definitely a FOG! or maybe a FFOG (Feline Furiend of Guido).

Luzinha said...

thanks for the facebook's invitation for the FOG! dear, you're lovely!

have a great day, all the best!

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