October 18, 2009

Meeting and Greeting Da Great Gourd

Not all Pumpkins are created equal...some izza giganticatically huge and some izza inky dinky...but theyza all purrfectly da equivocatical color and exacticatically the same shape - unlike youza and meeza
Catzowey! Me and myself izza meeting and greeting da Great Gourd and I weecently went to welcome the meowmungus orangie himself. Dressing fur da OKshun (wearing my DeeZiner puka pumpkin necklace) was my intenshun to makes him feel right atza home here at my home. Here we izza, shakin da paws.

Hmmm, heeza not travelling solo, looks like he brought hizza wife on VaKayShun, but sheeza looking kinda pale! Maybe da trip from da field to da City wazza rough and twaffic congeshun wazza bumpy. "Nice to meetcha both" I said, as I reminded my guests that my EyeTailYun casa izza always open to all - itza hospurrtaility fur shure and weeza welcome all shapes and sizes.....hmmm, sheeza still looking pale and not communiCATing!

Duz youza think I could be da PURRogate father of thiza pumpkin if me and myself sits and incucatibates it? Hey in this technocat world, who knows what create-acative invenshun I could hatch! Purrhaps striped pumpkies.
But I do know, yep uh huh, I really duz know, or I did purrEYEor to my falling into my bed and passing out, dat da Great Gourds are mighty meowster seasonally special and colorful too and really nice to have in da house. Nowza Meowza, I'ma snoozing and cruising thru abundacatnaps di giorno ... cuz entertaining da Great Gourd and his festive fall self, izza da increducatulous experience and da cat's meow fur shure.

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week (and be sure you brings da Great Gourd home & shows dem some hospurrtaility!)

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kelly H. said...

What,no punkin pie, Guido? We love your photos of the Great Gourd - beautiful!

Vicki said...

What about punkin soup? I love a good punkin soup especially home made soup. Great gazette as always.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

yor feets r so cute!

Camille said...

Watz a beutiful kitty you are guido! so sweet. you look like de gorgeos guy you ar. Have a fun halloween! we lovez you!xxx

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