October 25, 2009

Itza Doggone Meowvalous HOWL-O-ween

Catzowey! Itza da Halloween week, when it's purrfecatically normal for purrsons to dress strange and not normal, and fur some of us to stare strangely - datsa normal on da Halloween week. Without a doubtacat, this guy izza seeing da world from behind his green PURRmeable contact lenses that don't fit him too good - he needs a new Optomicatrist. My eyes izza nachural green - yep uh huh fur shure, theyza da real thing.
Kneading a break-a-tini frum catiqueing my furiend's costume, my 4 meowster paws wentza to da funtastico time at da Pet Pride event in San Franfuncisco and I went bonkers almost to Yonkers, whenza I sees my foto on da poster for my favorito PET CAMP CAT SAFARI. Da "Big Dogs" at Pet Camp izza so so so generous - they'za giganticat sponsor of da annual event. Paws UP fur my Pet Camp furiends (oh man I luvs Kitty camping at Cat Safari)! Yep uh huh, datsa mio in dat giant tiger sized jungle cat foto! Hey - in order fur me and myself tooza get a cat's eye view of the canine community in da costume purrade (yep uh huh, itza going to da dogs event) I went incatnito - yep uh huh, disguised in my Halloween kitty couture, so I had free views and mews being da roving rover repurrter with my hidden cam, and here's who I meeted and greeted.....
Meowza WOWza! Youza never ever gonna see a fine feline decked out as a half-peeled Banana! Whatsa this guy thinking?
Birds of da feathers flocks togeathers I guess, but I never seen da smiling Rooster this big in EyeTailYa!
Itza jungle of animewls at Pet Pride's purrade and this Skunk was creeping along the path. Good news and mews: he didn't do da squirty furty thing! Weeza was safe in his purresence and I wazza UP wind just in case!!
Being out and about wazza dangeroso and I came upon thizza doggone Dragon trying to flatten da dog. I came to da dog's rescue, justza in purrfecto time and did a giganticat hiss fit and da Dragon fainted - saving da dog from having a Cat-ostrophic day!
Big Devils and Little Devils everywhere atza this event but at least theyza happy Devils and wearing good eye purrteckshun , so the YOU-VEE stuff don'tza do damage. Itza always impurrtant to keep yur shades on whenza youza out in da sun so remember datza, yep youza remember dat!
Nowza youza sees my costume and into yur eyes disguise - not a chance these canines knew theyza wazza being followed by da EyeTailYun Papurrazzi!

Youza have a doggone meowvalous Halloween and be shure of no Twicks and just gets or gives abundacat Catzowey Tweets (fill da Tweets goody bag with Euros, Dollars, Catnip, more Euros, Gifty Certificiates fur Meowsage, more Euros, or furesh sashimi rolls)! Youza got da idea of making da nice Tweets bag!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Curly said...

Guido, concatulations on having your photo featured on the Pet Camp Safari poster! The pet costume purrade looks like fun (for the hoomans, anyway....I'll bet a lot of those pets would've purrfurred to be nekid, MOL!) Happy Halloween!

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