November 1, 2009

Matter of Facticatically - Manners Count!

Wowza Meowza - I received an InvaTayShun tooza da wedding of furry speshule furiends (yep uh huh, youza has some of dem too in yurza good furiend book!). It said "Guido and Guest" so I brought me and myself - that's 2. You know my globe trotting paws were counting the meowments till this wedding day, and of course I have propurrrr manners and listened when the Bride told me and myself "BE ON TIME"! Wellza I tells ya - we was on time fur shure - yep uh huh, here I am on time and nobody else is here - not even da BeeYouTeeFull Bride! So I putted my paws up on da nice shiny chairs dats overlooking da Pacific Oshun and I waits, and waits and I almost catnapped befur the NoopShules begins.

Catzowey! The tied their tails in da Meowtramony Ceremony at Sunset, at The Cliff House in San Franfuncisco and wudja believe, weeza had a fog free evening and even had da trained herds of da PellyCans flying over head as the man said "Youza Hubba Hubba and Wonderful Wife". AND thenza da pawty began ! CATZOWEY! I meowandered my paws thru da purrEYEvat dining room to find my table place and, here I am at the"The Tarzan & Jane" Table! Good news and mews, nobody tried to intimicat da Tarzan call. I assures you they had no vines dangling and no jungle monkeys charging across da table - purrsons behaved cuz they had da Pawty manners on.
Getting a smitten kitty tipsy at da wedding is OK cuz itza speshule OKshun!

Here I am -Purracticing good manners at da Wedding ReeCepShun: youza always meet and greet da Bartender! He pours and I purrs and weeza both happy!

Halloween and a Wedding ReeCepShun all on one fantasticat evening ..I luved wearing my EyeTailYun mask from Meowlano Italy. BOO!
So much to do at da Halloween Wedding ReeCepShun! I took da little snoozaola - hey me and myself needed a catnap befur midnight cuz da clocks wazza changing on 10-31-09 around dat time - confewing and not in the least amewsing.

And guess whatza ... youza purrobably not a Mewlywed like my furiends, but youza entitled tooza fantasticat week fur shure! Make it speshule ... Shhhh dontcha tell nobody, listen to this .... I wantza YOUuza to have an absoluticatically purrfecto FURst week of November. Make it nonCATastrophic too and always take yurza best pawty manners with youza when you steps out.

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Mochy said...

It looks like you had a super time, Guido! I'm glad you weren't driving yourself home.

Curly said...

ConCATulations to the mewlyweds!

Christopher said...

You too silly Guido mol!

I'm glad we're pals...

Tigger said...

It looks like a wonderfur time was had by all!

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