November 29, 2009

Oh Comfort All Yee Tummies

Well itza confurmed and fur shure - yep uh huh, exacticatically true .... Turkey makes you tired.

I'm lounging cuz I'm so so so tired from consuming all dat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day, and the day after and then the day after the day after too! Most of us haz just depawted abundacat days of Turkey cooked thizza way and thatza way, (hey I axed da leftover samwich and sneaked in some Turkey Tetrazzini cuz I'ma EyeTailYun ya know!) and weeza all grateful contentacats brined to the top, oopsatini! I means full to da brim, with Turkey. Now we purrrponders if da giganticat bird is good fur da tummy or not: didja read that the catloric content of Turkey can make you tired? Someting about da exciting enzymes gotta work and re-work overtime in da tummy and when da food is yummy yummy, da tummy works overtime. So ... weeza gets tired and needs to lounge around and get comfurtable. I'ma not even da Scientificatist and thatza making da sense!

When I hears da words "Turkey Leftovers Is Served" I'm covering my eyes cuz then I wontza hear da words "Turkey"!

If you thinks YOU izza full from all da Turkey, well I'ma so full I gotta sit up!

I see Turkey rolls on the right side, yep uh huh, I sees them just rolling around on da right.

Gotta get my buffed self back in shape cuz I got da PURRmoshuns to do in public for my animals organEyezayshuns and itza impurrtant to be twimmed and not robust. So itza Viva la Vegetables this week! And hey, make it an organicat nonCATastrophic week too.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Daisy said...

I think turkeys make you sleepy because of all the trip-toe-fans inside of it!

Anonymous said...

Guido, your terrific!

Curly said...

Guido, your third photo down looks like a purrfect lotus position. Keep doing that Yoga and you will be trimmed down in no time!

Mochy said...

You should have been at jeter Harris' house on Turkey Day. There was lotsa turkey and stuffing....AND...three pies, a rainbow cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream.
Talk about sleepy. Sugar coma.

Come visit me at my bloggy. I'm nekkid! :)

Unknown said...

Hey der Guido! you sure is one handsome dude- jus likka me!!! Dis is yur tabby furiend Boo apsekin. I dninna ovaerdulga-but i gottza my "bird"!!I's beginn to susspekt all tabbies issa good looking!!! Night Boo

Unknown said...

Your getting to know that tree a little too well there mate.

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