December 6, 2009

Purrpondering The Purrfecto Holiday Tree

Itza here! Yep uh huh, the Holly Daze has arrived and on time and dat means itza time fur me to go up my tree, oopsatini, I mean PUT up my tree. But befur I can twim my tree, I have to selectacat da absoluticatically purrfecto tree. I read it in da book "Purrfecto Tree Seleckshun Fur Dummies" (datsa not EyeTailYun), that youza gets to know yur tree really really well cuz itza reflecting yurza purrsonality . Hey datsa brilliant idea!
Following what da book author said, (nope no way heeza EyeTailYun or he'd be writing about Cwismus Eve Ravioli Recipes!), I tells ya, I'ma getting to know my twee and checking out its self, and its thickness at the center (cuz I got that too). I likes to have a tree I can relate too and a tree that can handle my needs (like hold me and my paws when I branch walks).
Oh holy night and a weeza Three Kat Kings of Orient are traveling with da twee twimming stuff from lands a far! These lights musta been strung all around da world from da Canary Islands to Catalonia, hmmm duz youza remember putting these lights away last year all orderly and nicely packed? Catzowey! I thought they was all NOT tangled up .... shuksatini now I'ma checking my lights and checking them twice! Somebody hazza been naughty and not meowvalously nice.

Untangling da catzillion strands of lights almost put me in da hiss fit but I meownaged, cuz I take Yogatini every day and I hazza accomplished breathing IN and OUT fantasticatically to calm me and myself when I'm feeling a hiss fit landing on my shore. I focuses on the meowment and the meowment of focus wazza these Holly Dazed ornaments. Focus focus feline focus and no hokus pokus!

Deck my tree with bows of holly and letza be jolly! I'ma in da Holly Dazed mode fur shure and I'ma not even standing under da bows of Meowstle Toe or sipping a mug of hot mulled fureshly brewed nip.

Me and myself izza wishing YOUza and YURza a nonCATastrophic week - and I'ma demandacatting youza not be stressed out during the Holly Daze and don't have da hiss fit when da walls of your Ginger Bread House izza found collapsed da next morning - don't blame it on da cat!.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Daisy said...

Good grief, that tangled web of Christmas lights would make me a little bit crabilated! I'm glad you got it all straightened out. I think this well be a good week!

alfiechinacat said...

Guido, mate, me mum sed she be wishin she n me was der in yer City by de Bay,,,we finks yer tree is Purrfect fer Bird watchin too. Smiles, Purrs Alfie ( now Inflated not Flat )

Skeezix the Cat said...

I can't wait for our tree to go up!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Guido you make me laugh...I been watching this funny tv show about the Jersey Shore and those kids say Guido all the time, but there's never a cat around. Silly kids.

Sandra Yagi said...

You are so funny, getting into the tree, lights and ornaments... but also too cute!

Thank you for letting us know about your blog updates too!

Sandy, Toni, Rusty, Neko and Eleanore

Curly said...

Guido, your tree is purrfect! My mom got a new fake tree. It's kind of skinny and no fun for climbing, so I don't even try. But there are a few ornaments on the lower branches that are good for batting purractice.

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