December 27, 2009

Look Into My Eyes Fur 2010 Mew Year Purrdictshuns

The unruly & without rules Wall Street fat cats (they'za not neutered either!) are purrdicting lotsa good stuff fur us (yep thatza me and youza too), so I'ma gonna tell youza what my smitten kitten self purrdics fur 2010 cuz itza definicatically true and fabuloso fine news and mews. But there's something terrificat youza gotza hear NOWza MEOWza .... so lend me yur ear here....

Furstly, if ya wants a good Mew Year, ya gotta make da Mew Years Resolushuns - yep uh huh and keep em too. Itza matter of factacatical that weeza do this - cuz it'll keep us moving in da pawsative direkshun. And let's face it folks .... CATZOWEY! We all needs da pawsative direkshun, like purrhaps an overdose of pawsative stuff is our 2o1o purrscripshun (I'll take a year's supply of dat!) , cuz 2009 was a way short of pawsative goodies (my nip grower closed and my fishyman furiend lost his boat).
Furst Mew Years Resolushun is (befur we gets to da Purrdictshuns fur 2010), I'ma gonna meownitor my caffeine consumpshun cuz I dontza wanna be looking like this dude who's over Catfeinated!

And me and myself izza gonna read more fun stuff in the Mew Year cuz fun stuff izza comicatical and then youza can shred it fur da litter box and thatza called recycling - and I'ma Envirocat so recycling izza mandacatatory in my house. Thizza is da win win winner of purractical Mew Years Resolushuns!

Resolushun 3: I'ma absoluticatically gonna work on my impurrted Nip consumpshun and purrobably increase it abundacatically while getting my paws to know my Nip better - up front and close. Dats a very good Resolushun for da Mew Year.
Da Resolushun 4: Exercise is a giganticat part of my Mew Years Resolushuns and I'ma gonna be a Yogi Cat and do my yogatini and Downward Doggy every day. Then gonna kick back my paws with a cup of hot mulled Yogi Tea to continue da relaxacat and de-stressing meowments.

Resolushun #5: Me and myself izza gonna enroll in da flower class cuz we needs abundacat help with da petals arranging and flowers makes ya happy on a cloudy day.Nowza itza time fur da Non Wall Street Crystal Ball 2010 Purrdictshuns! Youza been waiting payshuntly all year fur this.

My meowster eyes see this coming 2010 willza be da most meowvalous year ever cuz youza deserves it fur shure. Me and myself also purrdicts youza gonna smile in a meowment and youza gonna give someone a hug too - maybe a 2 legged furiend and purrhaps a 4 legged buddy. Datza my HAPPY MEW YEAR purrdictshuns! Holy Cannoli and Meowster Mustaccioli - I furgot to tell ya to remember dat youza very speshule - yep uh huh - youza is so so so speshule, so please ringy dingy ding in da MEW YEAR safely.

Ciao & Meow & Happy Happy Mew Year!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Well my little Italian friend, you have a great plan for 2010!!!

Daisy said...

Whoa, Guido, you have some mad flower-arranging skills! I am almost for certain that 2010 is going to be the best year, ever.

Curly said...

2009 has been a pawful year for us...Among other disasters, two of my fursibs went to the Bridge this year. :-(
I heard it rumored that my pawrents may be moving the entire kit and caboodle to a place called "Lodi" in 2010. That will be an adventure. I'm purring that the New Year will be a better year for efurryone!

RayPod said...

Coco would like to join your flower arranging class....she thinks you are a very handsome mancat!

Skeezix the Cat said...

Guido, I wood LOVE to take yer flower arranging klass cuz I have ALWAYS wanted to be a florist rite after being a Fashun Deeziner and show toons singer and inteeriur dekeraytor.

The FL sez that 2009 reely sukt but I think it was grate cuz we got to be good frends with yoo an yer mom this yeer. I woodn't trade that fur anything in the werld.

Tigger said...

Happy Mew Year!

Tigger, Taylor, Bob, Pippin, Marmelade and Midge

Kelly H. said...

I like your 2010 Purrdictshuns, they sound good to me. Can we sign up for that flower class? Looks like a bunch of fun!

Happy Mew Year!

ejckittylove said...

We thinks you are the cat's meow!! We LOVE your predictions and advice for 2010!! Yepp...this past year was not fun one..the litter box is too good of a place for it, but it did end happily in some aspects....there are ALWAYS worse things that could happen, so we count ourselves VERY lucky indeed, and lucky to have such a smart, wonderful kitty furr-end giving advise!! We learn from the wise ones!
Wishing youza and yours thee best New year!!! With love and gratitude from your fans just a hop, skip and jump down South!

Vicki said...

Guido I wish you a happy new year as I am reading this on 30th december. don't go getting into too much mischeif on new year's eve.

Kimo and Sabi said...

We wish you a healthy and happy 2010!

Freya's Staff said...

Hiya Guido! Lovely to meet you! I think Teego needs flower arranging classes, so he can GIVE ME SOME FLOWERS!!!

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