November 22, 2009

Pals Of The Feather Will Dine Together

Thizza is no Mardi Gras, itza Thanksgiving week and da pawsative time to find yur favorito Guest of Honor - you know, the guest whooza being honored with a center Orchestra seat at da table - dats where da Guest of Honor purrsides. Thizza is a deal cuz if youza goes to hear da Mewsic at da AhhPurrAh house, youza gonna pay big buckets of money fur your good seat and no food included.

In true deeziner feline fashion, me and my smitten kitten self izza hanging out looking like da Guest of Honor in-catnito, waiting to sirPrize da turkey with my invatayshun to dinner. Shuksatini, I'ma not shure how to call da "Turkey Call" - gobblablini, gobblatini, here turkey turkey - come on over here nowza meowza!

Basta pasta! I'ma still counting the meowments till da guest of honor shows up round da corner and suddenly I'm licking my little EyeTailYun lips and having da urge fur Turkey Tetrazzini.

Hey - no matter howza youza looks at it frumza whatever direkshun, all da purrsons in da You-Knighted-States izza dining on purracticatically the identicatical Thanksgiving dishes: Turkey "da Guest of Honor" (no no no absoluticatically NO TurkDuckin or Turkey Tofu in my EyeTailYun house or at my Gwamma's table) - taters creamed, crammed, smashed, PURReed or nipped with something - purrobably golly jolly giant green beans - stuff stuffed with stuffing - da famous burn & serve dinner rolls which are recycled (I'ma envirocat and you best be one too) and youza can play hockey on da kitchen floor after dinner with da rolls - and my favorito Punkintini Pie with a dollop of double rich whippie creamie on top! Wherever youza is, youza gonna be eating da same foodz fur shure. So if youza not a contentacat at yur house, get yur paws gone and go to da neighbors house and ringy dingy da doorbell screaming "SirPrize I'ma here for da Thanksgiving Dinner". Fur shure theyza gonna have enuf foodz to feed ya and send ya home with a doggone doggie bag and youza knows what theyza serving so itza no SirPrize fur you. Justa meowvalous to SirPrize yur neighbors!
When youza gets stressed out and thinks youza having da hiss fit purrparing for da Thursday feast, stop fur a meowment and think about da meowvalous things youza can give thanks fur. On top of my Thanks-A-Bunch list is my Animal Assisted Therapy job, yep uh huh, cuz if I didn't have my job at THE ARC then I'd never ever know my wonnerful furiend Charles. I gives abundacat thanks for him, cuz he makes me purr so much, even though he can'tza see me - he and me hazza da speshule communiKayshun. Yep uh huh, life is Catzowey fur shure and I gives da thanks this week for that!

Wishing you a nonCatastrophic Thanksgiving week and have a funtasticatico Thanksgiving with da Turkey tidbits tumbling off the plate and into yurza lap!

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Daisy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Guido! It sounds like you have everything all figured out!

Anonymous said...

What those rolls aren't supposed to be black and hard...we've never seen then any other way!

Marg said...

OMG That is one of the funniest reviews of thanksgiving that I have read. I did have fun laughing. I need to come here everyday. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Be sure to play hockey on the kitchen floor with the rolls.

Hootin Anni said...

Purrrrrrrrfection Guido!!! You definitely meowed me over with the review.

Oliver a said...

Oh Guido!! It make mi mum haz weepy eyes wen she seed how happy yu make Charles feel wen he shnoodlin' yu. Oh how happy he muss be wen he feels yer furs next to his face. Purrrrrrs

Raymond and Busby said...

Guido, we love that you visit the folks at ARC and we love your special connection with Charles. What a great photo. We feel thankful to know you & your Momma.

Purrs, Raymond, Busby and our humans

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you!

hrhqueencat said...


love it :)

huggss & smoochies from Angel & The Boyz, and our Mum

KritterKondo said...

Happy Holidays Guido! We just love your blog, it is so much fun and you and all the kitties are so photogenic.

Have a wonderful new year.

The Kritter Kommunity
Madi & Abi

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