November 15, 2009

SuPurrb Saturday in San Franfuncisco

Wellza I tellz ya, my Saturday was suPURRbo and a mini meowster different frumza da normal Saturday. Youza wondering what I did that was so so so increducatulous? I'll tell ya, but shhhh dontza tell nobody. FURstly I took da famous San Franfuncisco Cable Car, and I wazza humming "Mice O Roni the San Francisco Treat" as my creaking car trekked up and downza da hills to, guess where. Ah shuksatini youza not guessing fasticatically so I'ma telling youza - to Saks Fifth Avenue ! Imagine me the EyeTailYun kitty, in da chic Saks Fifth Avenue. WOWza MEOWza I sat and shmoozed and never snoozed, while raising awareness for my favorito Pets Unlimited. Itza the fabuloso animal rescue org with a meowvalous doggone great holisticat hospital too.
When me and my paws trotted into Saks (with my security entourage on my tail), da Store Meownager dashed up to me squealing "Oh Guido, welcome back and oh my my my, you've gotten much bigger since LAST year"! Thatza bout put my EyeTailYun self into a spiraling hiss fit condishun. But hey da Meownager wazza being so kind (asked me if I wanna have a bowl of milk or da steamy catpuccino) and her meowmery izza good cuz truly (shhh dontcha tell nobody!) I was abundacat smaller last year.Hmm so I'm purrpondering maybe I furgoes da Yoga and gets back to da purrspiring Aerobicat stuff.
All da fine sales purrsons wazza asking me fur my pawsograph and shaking my paw and wanting to hold me and myself , instead of selling da giganticat bags of purrrfumes and cosmewtics. They'za the nicest folks youza ever gonna meet in all yurza 9 lives and da FURagrance department at Saks has da lovely aroma with bottles galore from all over da globe - but they'za lacking my favorito furagrance - Eau Du Nip Parfum.

I always travels with my "Guard My Body" guards and thizza izza the Doggone Chief of my Security staff. He's smart and alert like a cat, always checking stuff out and having me look around to see if I'ma comfurtable in da Cosmewtics Departamento at Saks Fifth Avenue.

My meowster manners izza good so I brought da Pawty Favors fur all : every sales purrson who held me, gotza catzowey souvenir: my furry own EyeTailYun cat hair! Yep uh huh I left a giftie with all of dem. I'm shure they'za gonna purress it in da Keeps-This-Safe-Furever book cuz theyza sympaticats.
So now I'm a basket case and my paws gotza rev up for da arrival of da big bird , the guest of honor on Thanksgiving Day. AttenZeeOhKnee .... AttenZeeOhKnee - yep uh huh thatza EyeTailYun! Youza gotza purromise youza not getting stressed out and become da basket case in da not so super Market, cuzza da lines izza gonna be horrificatically loooong while youza shopping fur da Thanksgiving Day goodies. I wishes youza a nonCATastrophic week and remember to catnap.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Curly said...

Kudos, Guido, on doing your part to purrmote Pets Unlimited! You look right at home in the Saks Fifth Avenue store...What a classy cat you are!

Karen Nichols said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Skeezix the Cat said...

Wowie! Whut a bizzy, ixsitin' day! I wood shur love to go shoppin' at SFA!

Vicki said...

Great work Guido with the gazette and the promo work too. Your one cool cat.

Anonymous said...

You are a handsome star!

Toni, Rusty, eleanore and Neko

Daisy said...

Guido, you sure get to do some fun things! After you finished your promotional work, did you get to shop at Saks?

Anonymous said...

My gosh what a day!

Raymond and Busby said...

Guido, you fit right in at Saks because you are one high class kitty. Pets Unlimited is a great cause and you are pawsome for promoting them.

By the way, we are givng you an award, please see our bloggie today for details. Purrs, Busby and Raymond

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