March 1, 2010

Bob Bob Bobbing Along In The Podsled

Me and myself izza exhausticatted from 2 weeks in Vancatcouver where I pawsatively had da bestest time of all my 9 lives, and yep uh huh, I'ma podsledding home to CalEyeFurKneeYah where I can relaxacat and get my over skied-outski meowscles all relaxed with a meowsage at da spa. Itza not easy being an athleticat!

Didja hear the OH-Lympicks Committee izza purrpondering adding new competicatitive 2014 Categories? Hummmmzatini I shure hopes they might have "Cold Weather Catnapping" as a Category cuz I'd excel in dat - itza fur shure go for da gold!

"Ledge-Luge" would be an OH-Lympicks sport that interests me andza I'd definicatically win a Gold fur shure cuz my EyeTailYun self gotza da meowscles fur fine feline supurrrrt on da ledges.

Not everyone knows exacticatically how to wear da heavy Gold Medal propurrrly but I gotza 4 yrs to purrractice and  uncover to discover "is the GOLD MEDAL really gold? Don't have a hiss fit but I tells ya, there's a smitten kitten chance there's purrhaps more silver than gold in da Gold Medal.

Seems I'm heading to da week of abundacatnaps but wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic week!  Shhh, I gotza secret fur you,  an inky dinky tidy box bit:  no matter whooza youza cheered on at da OH-Lympicks isn't impurrtant. Itza just impurrtant you cheered on da fantasticat meowvaloso athletes of da world! Viva di Athletes and theyza ALL winners in my meowster mind.

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Jacqueline said...

Cute pictures, Guido!...Those are some pawsome ideas for future events at the Olympics!...And you do look wonderful in gold!!...Have a great week and get some rest!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sasha said...

You look in good form after your holiday Guido. I think you should pass on those ideas for cat winter sports.

Daisy said...

We cheered all the athletes! It was very fun.

Guido, I did not know you have a pink pod! Harley and I have a green pod. Sometimes it goes into outer space.

Unknown said...

Guido, the cathlete of the year! You did really greatza big boy and yur in greeeeaaate form fur da ledge luge event. Grreeat idea there! I told youza
bout da kitty at our shelter who looks a lot like you, he's a bigga dude too! Zet be his name. Is up fur adoption and am hoping he gets a home soon. Speakin a suchcha, today I go to the shelter to get the little white kitty girl who came to us last week, we are adopting her fur are own, Shad is catastraphically happy, he luvs her and appointed hisself as her guardian! Boo says makesa no dif to him, just one more kid to look after, him being the oldest boy at 13! Shaddy is just about two and the little girl no doubt still quite young, about 8-9 months! Seesa ya Guid and keep uppa da guud wurk - we luvs yur Gazette!

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