January 18, 2011

It's The Clue For a Good Bird's Eye View

When I'm wanting to know exacticatically whatza going on (above me, under me, to my leftza and my rightza), Me and Myself thinks itza beneficial to see things from all direkshuns. I'ma gonna give you a clue, shhhhh dontcha tell anybody else! Itza called getting the whole Birds Eye View!

Itza scientificatically proven dat once in all yur 9 lives youza might be feeling like youza giganticat basket case - but CATZOWEY, being in da basket can beeza really BeeYouTeeFull thing fur shure. Cuz youza got da Bird's Eye View of everything from da basket and nobody can see you in da Basket when youza peeping out or not wanting to be peeped at.

Undoubtacatically, sometimes you may wanna change yur place to get a better Bird's Eye View of life -  and holy cannoli it's pawsible!  Look at Me and Myself! Weeza went from EyeTailYun Cat to French Cat with just a wiggle of my whiskers! OH LA LA  da Bird's Eye View frum Furance izza c'est spectacucatular! Bring on da Purrrisian mouses du Jour mon monsieur.

And when youza feeling like yur Bird's Eye View is fogged up, iced over or grounded cuz of da weather, and youza in need  of a purrkup,  call me. I'ma fully employed as a Certified feline in Animal Assisted Therapy (I gotza not-so-little AAT vest and my purrfeshunal credentials in my deeziner EyeTailYun backpack). Today I'ma sharing thizza very speshule foto - taken justa few catnaps ago. Itza me visiting my furiend whooza in Hospice. Weeza holds paws, weeza both purrs and communicates purrfectly. I visits him weekly now for however long thatza gonna be. Momma Mia! Thatza Bird's Eye View of a meowvalous moment.

Wishing YOU a week with a purrfecto Birds Eye View and I hopes itza nonCATastrophic one too.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


T said...

Love that photo of with your paws on that hospice resident's hands. Paws on paws....lovely Guido. You are a very special kitty.

I like the photo of you in the French Cat box too! Is that a WINE box? Did you drink ALL that wine! Is it wine for cats?!

Sandra Yagi said...

Guido, you are extra special because you are a therapy kitty! I'm sure you are making all of those folks very very happy. Thank you for being a therapy kitty!

Curly said...

Guido, I am purroud to call you my furiend. You are bringing lots of comfurt to your friend in Hospice.
Mommy loves the picture of you in the basket. She says you are photogenic...whatefur that means.

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