January 10, 2011

Posing The Paws On The Red Carpet

Next week, yep uh huh, notta this week - I'ma getting my domesticat self all glittery and star studded cuz weeza gonna see The Golden Globes and after dat, weeza gonna see the bronzed and super CalEyeFurKneeYah tan Oscar dudes. But weeza duzn't have to wait to see super dooper star power cuz my furiend Morris The Cat izza purrrancing his purrrriliant self down that red carpet right nowza.

Lemme open uppa this Morris & Friends 2011 Calendar  cuz I'ma on da July page and jingling and mingling on the December page. Itza just $16.95 fur 12 meowvalous months of Morris and his Furiends (datsa Me and Myself too),  and all da sales goes to Hinsdale Humane Society which izza not in CalEyeFurKneeYah but in Illinois where my pal Morris started hizza career. 

Trying on my dark EyeTailYun deeziner shades cuz I'ma gonna have to hide from da Purrrpurrrazzi at those Globes of Gold, oopsatini I means Golden Globs, uh oh, I means Golden Globes!

 I'ma purrplexed and wondering if I should go tooza Acatemy Awards in Tails & Black Tie or tie my tail with a black tie ...  hmmmzatini decisions can put ya in a hiss fit and head ya into a catnap.

 Itza sunny in sunny CalEyeFurKneeYah so everybody in Hollywood izza tan, tanner and more tan, so yep uh huh I'ma at da SPA getting Man Cat Tanned. Itza the real thing, no spray stuff fur my organicat self - justa nachural rays in my tanning masheen.  While I'ma relaxacatting at my Man Cat Spa, I wanna wish youza speshule nonCATastrophic week, full of warm sun rays and abundacatnaps.

Purrhaps next week weeza cat chats about da Mewvies, so start making yur list of favorito and funtasticat films youza likes as much as EyeTailYun pasghetti and meatzaballs.

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Harry Spotter said...

Very handsome.

Curly said...

Guido, you look very cool in those shades, and dapper in the black tie. You are quite the stylish feline!

Canidae Pet Blog Editor said...

Guido, you just get cuter (and more famous) every day!

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