January 31, 2011

Itza Groundbreaking Ground Hog Day

 February 2nd izn't justa the day after February 1st.  Catzowey! Itza the day of da Groundhog and  I'm checking out my pal to see if heeza Groundhog. Pssst .. this foto izza favorito - taken by my meowvalous fotographer, Mark Rogers.

If youza wondering what Signore Groundhog does on his speshule Groundhog  Day, well  I tells ya, he's looking fur his shadow.Or purrhaps heeza not gonna see his shadow so while heeza doing that, I'ma looking everywhere, trying to find my shadow before February 2nd arrives.

Looking everywhere uppa and downza and behind stuff too - just looking fur my shadow.

Itza fur shure - youza don't need tools to find yur shadow -  itza already assembled so youza just needs payshunce.

 Me & Myself izza so so so exhausticatted looking fur my shadow, dat I gotta lay down and resta uppa fur finding my shadow. Oopsatini, I thinks I sees my shadow, yep uh huh, itza fur shure - Basta Pasta ... my shadow izza right next to Me and Myself.

Da mostest famous working Groundhog in da world, izza Phil - dontza call him Philip, not Felipe, justa Phil as in Phil Punxsutawney from PencilVaneyah. Heeza catnapping till da early morning of February 2nd when he peaks outta his Groundhog mansion, in da frigid temperachures. Sometimes Phil sees hizza shadow, and sometimes he duzn't - time will tell and so will da Press dat gathers from all over da Globe to watcha Phil on February 2nd. Why? So weeza knows whether the weather izza gonna be good or not so good! Yep uh huh, itza fur shure.

Wishing youza da mostest meowvalous, hopefully warm and nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Canidae Pet Blog Editor said...

I sure hope Phil doesn't see his shadow because I am done with winter and I want spring to get here NOW! But you looked like you were having fun searching for yours!

Kisu & Kujy in NJ said...

I agree with the commenter above, we sure hope there is NOT 6 more weeks of winter.. GACK ! We cant take it anymore. We need to open da winders and git some fresh air.. in hair. Weeza cant take much more of dis snow stuff.. its blinding me little blue eyes.
We live in NJ, so if Phil dont predict this right and we have more winter, we are going to march next door to Pencilvania and ring his little neck.

Katnip Lounge said...

We always find our shadow in the sunbeams...and you look great there, Guido!

Unknown said...

No shadows here, Guido. Mr. Sunshine came for a quick visit over the weekend, but he's been kicked out by Old Man Winter, who wants to toss 10-14" of the white stuff our way. Babycat doesn't mind if she cant see her shadow, as long as she can see out the window for her supervision duties! Have a good time in Sanfranfuncisco!
Love ya!

Unknown said...

Hi Guido Pal- I hope we are done with winter too, we had so much now in Nov. and Dec., I really don't want no more! Was glad you found your Shadow, My little Shadow kitty, sees his every day, he's so black it just follows him! Hope you got rested up from looking for ours, was a big job looking up and over and under everything! Good job! Good Gazette as usual too my little pal! Signora Sandy

Daisy said...

My crazy shadow sticks to the bottom of my feets like gum!

Pat Wahler said...

Sure would be nice to see an early spring!


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