February 7, 2011

Super Dooper Bowl Weekend

Whatza more funtasticat than being part of the 45th annual abundacat long time celebrated Super Dooper Bowl weekend, and I luvs my Super Dooper Bowl anytime of the year no matter whatza day it izza. Cuz any day is a purrfecto day fur a Super Dooper Bowl!

There izza rules at da Super Dooper Bowl - and furstly youza always wants to inspect da bowl to be shure itza meets da regulations and rules.  Cuz the last thing youza wanna discover is dat yur Super Dooper Bowl is an inky dinky bowl! Thatza reason to have a giganticat Hiss Fit!

 When youza finally finishes the trek and makes it to da Super Dooper Bowl, youza always wanna be on alert, checking things out to the left and tooza the right so there's no sneaky stuff going on in your field and youza never ever wantza fumble and tumble into yur bowl. Just play feline fair!

And  befur youza know it, suddenly youza has a pawsative TOUCHDOWN and youza puts uppa yur paws in the air cuz thatza "Touchdown Language"!  

Being up close in the End Zone izza funtasticat meowment - a pawsative pawzishun at da Super Dooper Bowl and youza purrrobably gonna be licking yur lips over da funtasticatico foods datza served to youza in dat giganticat Super Dooper Bowl.  WOWza MEOWza - I wanna hear from you bout whatza youza got in yur Super Dooper Bowl. So pawmail me at  guido@theguidogazette.com and tell me whatza  in yur Bowl datza making yur whiskers wiggle this season.

Cheers to a super week and a nonCATastrophic one too!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Canidae Pet Blog Editor said...

Guido, that is a mighty SUPER bowl you have there! But I want to know -- what was in it that had you licking your lips so adorably? ^..^^

I'm a bit disappointed you didn't mention your catzowey interview over at the Responsible Pet Ownership blog. I thought it was a great showcase of your wit, and that EVERYONE would want to read it fur shure!

Curly said...
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Curly said...

Guido, my pawrents went to a Super Bowl pawty, but Mommy doesn't care about sports so she spent a lot of time petting the host's and hostess's two kittens and two doggies.

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