February 21, 2011

Purrfecto Catnapping On Purresidents Day

 Catzowey! I'm snoozing here in the YouEssHay, cuz today weeza all off work, having no mail and can't go to da Bank to pay my MasterCat card bill,  cuz itza Purresidents Day - the day everything izza closed. So itza da purrfecto day fur catnapping after youza has yur Catpuccino.

Purrhaps youza exhausticatted from a hecticat week and just wanna bag it - well Purresidents Day izza da purrfecto day to do that.

 Laying around while twisting uppa and down on Purresidents Day might beeza more meowvalous than taking an aerobicat class. And good news: youza already on da floor so youza can't fall over and go kabumpity bumpza and get da bruise!

Itza no SirPrize that itza funtasticat Monday to be doing absoluticatically nothing cuz itzza politicatically correct to do that on Purresidents Day,  but itza also da 1st Monday of da Chinese New Year "Year of The Wabbit", and my pal Signore Tiger izza cat-chatting Man Cat style with me.

Yep uh huh, itza fur shure,  he says he's exhausticatted cuz last year was The Year Of The Tiger  and heeza looking to kick back his paws and snooze till his Year pops uppa again in 2022.  WOWza MEOWza he's gonna be rested and revved up like Tony the Tiger! If youza born in 1951 or 1963 or even 1975 or 1987 then this izza your year  and youza in The Year Of The Rabbit.  Congratucatulashuns and Happy Hopping Mew Year from Me & Myself.

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week!
Ciao & Meow

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Unknown said...

O hai! It nice to read ur nooz. I am takin some naps today, too. I just had one before, and I am gonna have another. Yay for Prezomints Day! :)

Julia Williams said...

I wish I could catnap with you Guido! There is too much work to be done today cuz I never get holeedaze off!

Did you watch the Animal Planet show Must Love Cats on Saturday? There was a cat that looked so much like you! Mebbe he was your cousin.

Nancy Z said...

MOL Julia...We thought the same thing about Joey the newscat! He and Guido could be brofurs. They are both very handsome.
Enjoy your catnaps, Guido!

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy says ANYTHING is better than doing aerobicats!

ejckittylove said...

Love you, Guido!! Have a relaxicat day!! Need to sign up with different email, do I need to close this one 1st?? when you get back out of the delightful poses and bags, please advise!! I actually LOOK FORWARD to Mondays, now, with my Gazettes!! LOVE!!

bearflat said...

Guido! yous has suchly talents. i loves you and i loves your gazatte. yous mommy is quite talented as well as she is a nice persons! : )
Love you kiddo xoxoxox

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