February 14, 2011

Hugzatinis and Sweet Treats Too

 Loving the hugging and giving more than one hug izza my favorito thing  cuz, well you know I'ma EyeTailYun and we knows hugging izza healthy. But today,  hugzatinis are popping uppa all over, and under and everywhere, cuz itza the day of Mister Cupid (dat little dude who wears a diaper and aims atcha).  Weeza gonna be hugging more  today cuz there's more love in store all over the world cuz itza Valentines Day!

Sweet and neat treats are great to give and receive on Valentines Day, but itza more impurrtant to hug, cuz a hug is free. And your heart loves a hug. Remember to listen to yur heart - always, not just today but everyday when youza not catnapping. Listening to yur heart izza comFURtable fur shure - yep uh huh, it really is and who knows, it just might even lower yur Cathlesterol or  Blood Preshure.

 Itza fur shure dat some people gives nice Catzowey purresents to show their affeckshun on Valentines Day so youza might get Flowers and if you duz, youza can be shure dat da Sender selectacatted with love and inspectaccated them from all direkshuns.

 Purrhaps youza duzn't get chocolaties or flowers, but youza might get a SPA treatment for washing up and getting squeaky clean, cuz being pampurred izza purrfecto purresent on Valentines Day.
 Nopa, I'm not staring uppa in the sky looking for dat Cupid dude, I'ma focusing my cat eyes, reading something speshule and am ecstaticat to share it with you. I loves this story, so itza love story. The meowvalous and doggone smart natural pet food company "CANIDAE" featured both Me and Myself in this amewsing article, and I purrs and falls in love with it every time I reads it so everyday izza like Valentines Day fur me. Enamored by da lovely author, Signorina Julia Williams, I felt my smitten kitten heart go bumpity bump bumpza during the interview!  So kick back yur paws, grab a giganticat catpuccino and enjoy reading about me and my job in the  Canidae Responsible Pet Ownership Blog-The Therapy Cat Extraordinaire!     Youza gonnza enjoy my love story fur shure!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week,
Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


8GR8LOLCATS said...

Happy Valentines Day GUIDO! You certainly know how to make the day special! I have a special message for you on my blog from I nice Italian blue-eyed boy- http://cclcarm.blogspot.com/

Laura said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Guido!

Katnip Lounge said...

Wer'e gonna hustle on over and read the article!
Happy Valentines Day Guido!

Julia Williams said...

Guido, aside from my own three fur kids, you are just the nicest, sweetest meowster. I'm so glad I met you! And thanks for allowing me the pleasure of interviewing you.

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