October 30, 2011

Boozatini Itza Halloweenie!

 Only once a year on Halloween are weeza gonna be 'mob bobbing' fur apples, ringy dingy ding donging door bells for treats, tricking our furiends and going BOO how are YOU!  Itza meowvalous fun day to be dressed uppa like someone youza not really (blame it on yur hidden funtasticat fantasies!)  So to gets into the October 31st mood, Me & Myself has had our paws purrancing thru the Streets of Franfuncisco interviewing these Howling and Purrrowling furiends about what they're donning on Halloween, and WHY!

This doggone stylish dude "Dexter" is guilded in  gold - yep heeza got gold everywhere and itza giving the illusion that his legs really isn't so short cuz youza supposed to be gazing at his Howling-Ween hair  or his yards of gold chains - not his inky dinky legs! See, it works dat youza not noticing how short he izza. Hoorayzatini for GOLD!
 Bewitching, not at all bewildered, and not bothered but adoracatable is she with Halloween colors to match her meowvalous orange self - fully Halloween color compliant according to code! (pssst,   datsa my Momma Baci & her 16th birthday would be Halloween)

Purrfectly purrfumed Spring petals popping out early are purrobably making this pooch pant on overtime. Could he win the award for best doggone smile that lapped a mile?

Catzowey itza my little brofur Yolo looking San Franfuncisco stylish in his main Maine Coon fine feline fedora. Purrhaps heeza got Hogwarts, the YouKneeVersity of Wizardry on the mind!

It's purrobably CATch and release and fur shure it's every Meowster's dream: Sushi on Seaweed and please hold the WahWahsabi and Soy!

Move on over Captain Jack Sparrow and youza tooza Johnny Depp, cuz I'ma feeling like a radish!! OOPSATINI I means like I'm feeling Piratish with my cannoli chips ahoy and my pirate ship sailing and sailing over the Oshun Blue to you. All paws on deck nowza meowza, and bring your Trick 'n Treat bags too!

 Me & Myself gets so so so exhausticatted purrancing the Streets of San Franfuncisco but itza worth it to meet and greet so many diFURsified furiends and see their funtasticat and doggone great  Howling-Ween costumes.  Yep uh huh, itza fur shure,  Me & Myself izza gonna be home with my favorito pumkins - weeza sofa vegging on Halloween! Come on over and ringy dingy ding dong our door bell!

Wishing YOU a spooktacular and safe and really  nonCATatastrophic Halloween!

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


meowmeowmans said...

Happy Halloween, Guido!

Julia Williams said...

Heppy Meow-loween Guido!

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