March 12, 2012

Finding Time To Change Time

CATZOWEY! I had to find the time to find my clocks n' watches, cuz on Sunday morning it was time to change to the Daylight Savings Time when I wazza catnapping at two in da morning!   I lives in CalEyeFurKneeYah and they practices changing the time 2 times a year, I hear.

So Me & Myself waked uppa to a double creamy Catpuccino with my eyes at half mast at half past ten - and weeza not shure if itza really half past da 10 OR is it really half past da 9 o'clock?  Daylight Savings Time izza not amusing cuz itza confusing!

Daylight Savings Time izza so so so confusing dat Me & Myself had tooza measure our time to find the time to change my clocks n' watches. What else to do but pull out the trusty and not rusty measuring tape. It comes outta my trusty Man Cat toolbox to measure the time.

From uppa here, itza meowvalous view of Time passing by but dontcha let Time pass youza by, cuz Time izza preshus. Yep uh huh datza fur shure whether youza on dat Daylight Savings Time or dat regular Time - itza Time I sends youza an EyeTailYun HUG!

Now, I wanna wish youza and yurza the mostest nonCATastrophic week and be shure youza checks all da clocks in yur house, and in da car and barn and uppa in yur tree house too, and on yur wrist and everywhere youza got a clock going tickety tock.  If youza lives in the USA, be shure youza didn't forget to SPRING forward cuz in da Fall youza gonna FALL back!

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Julia Williams said...

Guido, the time change does not amuse me, but your cute photos and commentary sure do!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

love that last photo, the spring forward really throws us for a loop too!

Rumpydog said...

Oh Dog! My cats were still on the old feeding schedule, which was great for Jen, because that meant she didn't get woke up an hour early. woo woo woo!

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