March 26, 2012

Orange You Ecstatic I'm Not Tickled Pink?

 Nowza you're gonna wanna hunker down and get comfy cuz weeza gonna cat chat bout things Orange, cuz anything Orange izza something increducatulous! Yep uh huh, da Orange isn't justa fur peeling and squeezing in da OJ glass - itza 'power color' according to L'Orange experts on color and theyz saying itza got free benefits: get charged uppa without charging yur MasterCat card!

Those Orange experts say the color Orange increases yur appetite. I always gotta appetito for EyeTailYun Pasghetti & Meatballs and Orange Ruffy da fish,which is notta Orange at all. But my favorito catnap blanket izza Orange, so itza putting out da hunger vibes. And pssst, Me & Myself have cravings for bambino carrots around Easter time!

Hi ya Paella! Youza orange and known as giganticat comfurt food in the land of  the Ole Olay flamingo dancers.

Wearing San Franfuncisco Giants Orange makes me feel like a sum sum summertime winner even in the cold winter!

Catzowey! Put any organicat Orange in your paws when the day izza dragging and lagging. Juggling the time to find time to learn to juggle oranges can be a funtasticat way to spice up the day the Orange way!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week and purrhaps youza squeezes some Orange into it! Might be a peeling (hee hee), loaded with dat Vitamino C and benefits are free.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Princess Jasmine said...

My big brother Simba is Orange and he certainly makes me feel happy :)xx

Curly said...

That paella looks furtastic! I only wish I could find something to rhyme with "Orange". MOL!

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