March 18, 2012

Ring Round The Circle With Me & Myself

Catzowey! Me & Myself sees life as a ring around da circle and itza da circus of fun, ooopsatini I means circle of fun with fabuloso rings and things. And looking thru da meowvalous magic rings can be kinda like whatza Alice saw in dat wonnerful Wonderland when sheeza looked down that round hole. Yep uh huh, I thinks itza fur shure she saw Tempura Onion Ringy Dingy Rings.

NOWza MEOWza, if youza looks thru dat round Looking Glass, I'ma curious as a cat to know if youza can sees not one, but two bombtasticat spoons of  EyeTailYun sauces about to launch upon my meowster mind!

Holy Cannoli! There's nothing finer than meeting and greeting The Mad Hatter! Life izza amazing when youza looks through dat ring around the Looking Glass with Me & Myself and Alice!

My goshzatini, I'ma seeing The White King! He's that "Through The Looking Glass" dude, and heeza trying to tumble Humpity Dumpity. But howza he gonna do dat with his not right white crown not sitting tippity toppity upon his head? He needs some help from me - the uber balanced Italian Kitty.

When itza too tiring looking through dat Looking Glass and following Alice in wonnerful Wonderland, nothing finer than relaxing and feeling royal atop yur customized throne.

Remember, when youza looking thru dat Looking Glass circle, items may appear larger than in da real life! 

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week.
Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Terri said...

oh, Guido - your post today was just what I needed. Uppalifting and a bit silly willy and molto curious as a gattini can be.

besso mi amigo

Terri, Jasper and Pete from da Peninsucatula

T said...

LOVE IT!!! Guido your post is sooo cute! I cannot compete! Xoxoxox

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