April 30, 2012

Can You Hair What I'm Saying?

Hair Yee! Hair Yee! In honor of The National Hairball Awareness Day (hey every day at my house is a day for dat hairball awareness!) weeza purroudly gonna cat chat about hair. Gonna turn this into Hairball Awareness Year! Pssst the infurmayshun contained here, may be not appetizing tooza some purrsons, but izza rated G for Genericatical and funtastic!

For a while Me & Myself have been feeling over furred and seeing a hairball attack on the horizon, so FURminator came to the rescue! Yep, Me & Myself have been Furminated with a 100 purrcent original FURminator. Before I could do an inky dinky catnap or order a Meowgarita Pizza for home delivery, mountains of fur were gone gone gone like da wind! I thinks I'ma looking more meowvalous now, and would ya believes 99% of my fur was donated to a Pirate.

Abundant piles and miles of fur later, Me & Myself created "Captain Jack Sparrow" out of my ol' fur dat the FURminator masheen took off of Me & Myself. Abundacat mounds of fur were gifted tooza the Captain so that's the FURiendly giftie that keeps on giving! 

Purrhaps heeza looking more like Johnny Depp but fur shure, he and Me & Myself gots the same eyebrows and mousestache and fur shure, the same fur!

So so so ecstaticat to be licking my de-fuzzed whiskers cuz I got rid of all dat ol' fur AND Captain Sparrow received it - hoorayzatini! And if you wanna see some meowvalous celebricats courtesy of FURminator's FUR Gallery event then click HERE.

Wishing you a meowvalous, fur ball free and nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

PS:  Traditional hairball treatments (lubricants, diets, etc.) address the problem after the hair has already entered the cat’s body. A FURminator® deShedding tool PREVENTS the problem by preventing the hair from getting into the cat’s body in the first place. FURminator stresses preven- tative care and that is the true definition of good health! And CATZOWEY - FURminators are for pooches too!


Julia Williams said...

Hairballs and yucky... so I'm glad you got de-furred with that Furminator thingy!

Julia Williams said...

Umzatini ... what I meant to say is "Hairballs ARE yucky."

Linda said...

OK, the first thing I see is that cool wig. But it also had me rolling on the floor laughing!!!

I've heard about the Furminator. Gonna have to give it a try. Hairballs really are yucky!

Rumpydog said...

Even dogs won't eat a coughed-up hairball! Ewwww!!!

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