May 6, 2012

Catzowey! I'm Fit To Be Tied

Can you hear Me & Myself? You got to hear I got a new speshule TIE to wear to a very speshule OKshun and I'm not doing the purrrcrastination!

My TIE and Me went to the San Franfuncisco SPCA to get honored for my 5 years, yep uh huh, 5 giganticat years on the job in Animal Assisted Therapy. Itza speshule OKshun and honor so why not dress up and wear a speshule deeziner Tie -  kinda like a  Jerry Garcia styled Tie!

 Me & Myself and our deeziner TIE got so so so ecstaticat bout this honor that we all passed out!

 But then I purrked back uppa in my Deeziner TIE from the fabucatulous pet boutique CHEENGOO, and felt meowvalously stylish - pssst ... can I tells you a secret? Ok, shhh dontcha tell anybody but I wazza the only cat in a deeziner TIE at the pawty - purrobably the only cat too!

Holy Cannoli! Time to celebrate the honors so Me & Myself took the Staff out and about in San Franfuncisco and ran into ABC's Spencer Christian - Catzowey he held me purrrfectly and fur shure, I told him I liked his deeziner TIE! 

I wish YOU a nonCATastrophic week and dontcha bother with having to wear a TIE cuz life is just Catzowey being meowvalously funtasticat and TIE free!

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Julia Williams said...

Congrats on your five years of being the best therapy cat anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Guido - you are just toooo handsome in your deziner tie and only adds to your already beautiful self. I still say, when or if you ever get tired of your fur-person companion, let me know cuz I'd love to have you. Lots of puurrrs to you.

Rumpydog said...

That sure is one cool tie Guido! Congratulations on your award, and thanks for all you do to help others.

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