March 9, 2014

Glitzy Global Paws Having Funtastic Time

CATZOWEY! Yep uh huh that's  Me & MYself on the left and my sisfur Grappa 
on the right and our meowster pal Theo in the center in Ellen's selfie foto.  We  
meowsters had a meowvalous time in the famoso Academy Awards Selfie!  
Pssst - I thinks we 3 added some furtastic bling to the pic! Whatcha think about dat?

Pssst - didja see dat Pizza Pie being delivered during the Academy Awards? 
Well we shure did and looks like Signrirna Angelina hoping my sisfur Grappa not 
taking the last piece OR she's ecstaticat dat Grappa licking the lint off her beau 
friend's collar!  Hey Signore Brad .... didja even offer my EyeTailYun celebricat self a bite???

When Me & MYself didn't get any of Brad's pizza pie
 I went under the chairs to purrrponder why!

 Hmmmmzatini! Serious purrrpondering dat piece of pizza pie.

Who needs dat piece of pizza from Brad when I can gets a whole giganticat pizza 
all for Me & Myself!

Now you knows I'm wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic week

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Zoe said...

Yu kitties wuz jus whut those piccies needed to dress them up a bit.
An' yu furry own pizza!

Unknown said...

FURabulous time there at the Oscars! Glad you got your own pizza pie! That is pawsome!

Julia Williams said...

Now I am jonesing for a pizza pie, gee, I wonder why!!

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