March 2, 2014

It's A RED Carpet Meowment With Me & MYself At The Oscars

Oscar Oscar where art thou tonight when all of Hollywood izza selecting movies dat are right.
Weeza next to the famoso RED carpet ... just looks like a loyal royal dish towel but itza
the real deal!

Getting into the mood and purrhaps becoming a red head to strut my stuff down that Red carpet in a meowment.
Waiting back stage at the Oscars Ceremony izza exhausting but I'm calm and  carrying on in fine fashion.  Yep uh huh it's fur shure.

Catchatting bout fine fashion made Me & Myself opticat out of the Red and put 
on some Hollywood Bling with zing ... now that should get TeeVee attention when I'ma 
strutting my stuff down dat Red Carpet in Bollywood! Ooopsatini I means Hollywood! 
Ringy dingy ding goes my bling when I'm in Hollywood and gotta wear the star shades cuz things are bright, full of lights and Catzowey!

I wishes you the mostest nonCATastrophic week and hoping it'za golden one for you!

Ciao and Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Zoe said...

Mr. Guido Dood, yu toadally Rawk that fancy look.
I am luvin yur tiger stripy leggies there.

Life with Ragdolls said...

Wow, what a great blog! Nice to met you. Hope you'll stop by ours. :)


Have a wonderful day!

Raven said...

aww so cute love the out fits

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