March 31, 2014

Chin Scratching In A Man Cat Way

Catzowey Catzowey! Yep uh huh, itza double Catzowey time when my EyeTailYun chin chin gets a rubbin and I dubs it "Chin Scratching In A Man Cat Way" cuz hey, there izza no other way!

 Me and MYself gets down and around and a lil cheeky too when I'ma bout to zone in on a chin scratching event. Kind of like the hoomans when they're getting ready to aahhhhhoooom in Yoga!

 Pssst ... can youza keeps a secret? Before the Man Cat Chin Scratch Me & MYself enjoys a pawdicure -  cuz it's meowvalous to get the paws dedusted and meowsaged but psssst it's secret time again, I uses the neutered colors! OOOPSatini I means neutral colors.

Back to scratching the chin today in a man cat way, and I mean GO GREEN if youza gonna be envirocatically correct with your chin scratches.

Forget going GREEN! GO BLONDE! The moment I crossed my paws thinking blonde, a purrrty Signorina picked me up! Ahhh Man Cat dreams do come true.

Now I wishes YOU the mostest meowvalous and nonCATastrophic week and
my crystal Paw Ball says itza gonna be a purrfecto week cuz I'ma sending you my Man Cat hugz.

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Timmy Tomcat said...

Hey Guido you look meowvelous as always and thanks fur those great pointers on Manly Man-Cat Chin Scratching

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